I feel that spark...


That desire to organize and complete another project which requires several skills I don’t have. There is one particular first person title which I greatly support, but I feel it lacks something. However, I think if somebody produced this something at the level of quality the game content is at, and approached the developers, they would be willing to release it. I told Smoth about it, and he gave me some wise advice - not to proceed. I have a long history of starting projects I cannot or will not complete… neither of the branches I head here are even near release.

But it gnaws at me. This feels different. I’d need to assemble a team with varied skills, all willing to work for free for something which the game developers might release for their own profit. I’d need to texture at a level unlike what I’ve done before. Even if I decided to do it, I’d need months to generate the confidence. But this impulse has been gnawing at me for months already…


You know, if I didn’t want some kind of input, I wouldn’t have posted, guys. :imp:


I feel a spark. The spark to firebomb a particular mobile phone companies tech helpline. :angry:


Hurm. Nothing like a mobile phone to make you respect a landline.