Husky06 - Road_To_Rome_V3, Flakes vs Goldsie

Good game, I was winning pretty strongly till I encountered heavy defenses at his last two flags. I was unable to push forward do to well emplaced AT and artillery and I was super tired at the time so countering them wasn’t a big thing on my mind. Once my units started getting bugged up and I lost my ability to resupply, goldsie was able to push me back.

Obvious things to note:
Soviet infantry getting mass stuck around the center. It was impossible to move them unless doing it on the individual level.

Russian commander was killed removing the ability of the russians to resupply.


Flakes, sorry about all the problems in that game. It’s brutal when the game drags out like that.

Some notes in terms of gameplay:

When you have a tough base to crack like that, go for the big guns and tanks.
Germany: Wespe, Tiger II, Tiger, Panther
USA: Jumbo, Sherman 105
Britain: Churchill, Firefly, Cromwell CS
USSR: IS-2, Katyusha, ISU-152 (which you had, that last one).

Soviet commander died, no more refill. Whoops. Will fix. - Fixed
Soviets had absurd ordinance storage from the commissars. whoops.
Soviet infantry STILL STILL AGRAGHHGH getting stuck on flags GRHEASHGHAAAGHHH!! - Fixed

Infantry sometimes blew themselves up with nades. Grrr.

Balance notes:
I think I’m going to raise HE shell damage a lot. A lot a lot. Maybe bump up AoEs as well, who knows. Maybe a modoption for these things.

What is it with those soviet troops, it’s always them we have a problem with.

Bump HE settings back to how I initially made them! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if they are Soviet…