Husky (v06)

New build, weee. Pretty much all bug-fixing: good sign!


  • New widget to set all non-firearc’d units with weapons to hold-pos by default. Excludes aircraft, but they’re not actually implemented yet <_<

  • Numerous COB fixes - muzzle flash issues, pose problem on the PTRD, emit-sfx on greyhound and M3 halftrack, PIAT. ShotX problems in katy, nebelwerfer

  • Fixed US, RUS, GBR trucks not morphing into small supply dumps.

  • Fixed non-german MGs not causing fear.

No balance tweaks beyond the ones implied by the bug-fixes here (mostly non-german MGs getting their fear back).

Go wild! Feedback for this build here, please.

Squad spawner bug:

[ 39625] LuaRules::RunCallIn: error = 2, GameFrame, [string “LuaRules/Gadgets/unit_squadspawner.lua”]:79: GiveOrderToUnit(): Bad unitID
stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘GiveOrderToUnit’
[string “LuaRules/Gadgets/unit_squadspawner.lua”]:79: in function ‘GameFrame’
[string “LuaRules/gadgets.lua”]:926: in function <[string “LuaRules/gadgets.lua”]:924>
(tail call): ?

Seems to occur when you build a second LZ and order commandos from it.

Fixed the above by removing unit limit from airdropped commandos. if you can afford them, go nuts.

Engineers need the new script (rapid diving bug)

Commandos need the new script (no crawling, ect). - Done

Mortar fear should be brought down a level (more suppression, less pinning)- Done, also changed them to ammo’d weapons with 10 rounds (120 seconds of fire, give or take a bit).

Need to write a gadget to prevent trees from providing logistics when reclaimed. - DONE

Need to make flamethrowers actually useful (thinking cloak + slow movement + cost decrease). first round - same setup as snipers, minus the no decloak on fire. So they move slow and can hide. perhaps this will let them get close enough to start firing, which would give them a real shot (since they almost insta-pin troops in front of them. I did reduce their pinning amount and radius, but it’ll still insta-pin, just a smaller area).

Need to address britain being a bit underpowered early on - perhaps slight bren range/suppression boost. - 10% improvement to Bren sprayangle (more suppression actually hits) and 2.5% boost to range. this seems to work ok, as I suspect much of the problem was that the bren’s fear ability wasn’t kicking in. we’ll see.

German or US HQ engineers are mis-priced (draining too much/little). US I think. - FIXED

Nebelwerfer corpse spelling error. /me kicks spiked. - FIXED

engineer build weapon still in effect for whatever reason.

Bumped up supply ranges by 35% for tiny and supply truck dumps.

soviet ordinance storage is nuts (each commissar has loads).- FIXED

T-34-76 cob error muzzle flash weapon 3 - Fixed

And locked, new version Iskra! (07)