How to use lobby on Linux Mint 16? Server connection problem

I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to play this game on Linux Mint 16 for over a year. This try I decided to ask for help here.

After successful install I run a s44lobby. The interface is similar to the Zero-K lobby with the exception that I never witnessed it logged in. Every time I assumed that I just had a bad luck and the spring server it was trying to connect was down.

After waiting enough time (maybe 30 minutes?) it finally gave a bug report, which I include (I don’t know how to put a bug report on

The problem is lobby-based. Zero-K goes smoothly on my system.

Did anyone actually managed in to play Spring 1944 on Ubuntu-based distro in last half year?

I use this.:

I usually compile it from source, but packages are available.
While it can be interesting to set it up (the whole spring deal is like that), it works very well, and does what it is meant to do.

Feel free to ask any further questions regarding setting up the game. I’ve been running spring on Linux (and now FreeBSD) since at least 2004 or so.

hiya sisteczko, sorry you’ve been having so much trouble. I suspect our packages are a little out of date with the latest springlobby: s44 lobby is just springlobby with some different presets. I’ll see if I can work on that a bit this weekend.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Connection with server using generic springlobby (0.169) works well. But there are two problems.

  1. How to make spring 91.0 coexist with 96.0? springlobby sees only spring 91.0, which I need for Zero-K. The path to the spring 91.0 executable is /usr/local/bin/spring. I also have spring 96.0 installed, with the executable in path /usr/games/spring. Even if I put the latter path into the springlobby settings, it still warns me with “No compatible installed spring version has been found, this server requires version: 96. Your current installed versions are: 91. Online play is currently disabled”.

It may has to do something with the ~/.spring which is configured to play Zero-K.

  1. How to download the actual spring1944 game? On the springlobby, on the combo box "Game | – Select one – " I can only choose between some “Asteroid Mining r225” and several versions of the Zero-K.

Try using a more recent version of springlobby: 0.180 is the most recent, I think. support for multiple concurrent engine versions was added to springlobby not long ago (and certainly after 0.169).

~/.spring being shared between Zero K and S44 shouldn’t be a problem. you can download S44 here:

just take the .sdz from that download and stick it into ~/.spring/games

I’ve managed to play the Sping1944 on Linux Mint 16!!!

  1. Don’t install the spring lobby nor s44lobby from the ppa. Remove them if you’ve downloaded them already.

  2. On the contrary, instalation of spring from PPA works very well. Install it with the add-apt-repository ppa:s44/stable and apt-get install spring.

  3. We need the springlobby. As long, as there is no ppa with working solution, I recommend compiling if from the git source repository. This way update can be easily automated and is straightforward. Here is my script:

echo -en “\e]2;Updating Spring lobby sources…\a”


if [ ! -d “$katalog” ]; then
mkdir -p $katalog
sudo apt-get --yes build-dep springlobby
cd $katalog
cd …
git clone --depth 1
cd $katalog
git submodule update --init
cmake .
sudo make install
cd $katalog
if [ git rev-list --max-count=1 master != git ls-remote origin -h refs/heads/master |cut -f1 ]; then
git pull
cmake .
sudo make install
echo “No updates for Spring Lobby!”

  1. Run springlobby. Once ran, on the springlobby I needed to add the spring 96 engine: Springlobby Preferences->Spring->Add New… and find a file /usr/lib/spring/ Then I needed to put the path to the Spring executable: /usr/games/spring

  2. After that I needed to download the spring1944 s44v17_neptune.sdz itself into ~/.spring/games, and maps into ~/.spring/maps.

The partner doesn’t need to download those files manually - they would be downloaded on connection attempt with us.

Is it possible to compile the springlobby in multi-threaded way?