How to play Spring 1944?


I’ve got the latest version of Spring 1944 installed on Ubuntu, and I was just wondering how I play the game?

I’ve obviously played it in single player mode, with a few of the generic (mostly Balanced Annihilation?) bots. But there only ever seems to be one empty game server and there doesn’t seem to be a Spring 1944 specific bot?

Am I missing something!?


There is a S44 specific bot - CRAIG. However, it is a lua AI, so to use it, you must setup a game via the multiplayer lobby (lua AI’s are not shown in the spring executable menu :frowning: )

If you join #s44 and ask around (and unfortunately wait) you have a reasonable chance of securing a multiplayer game. People to look out for in particular are Godde and JAL, as well as the s44 devs (who wear [S44] tags, [S44]yuritch plays more than the rest of us do currently).