Every so often I come around and complain about hitspheres and am told that other shapes are doable now.

So the question is, has work begun on this yet?

If not, I suppose I have the dexterity to do it since it seems like a relatively simple (if large) task. However it’d be great if someone else could do it, because I want to try and devote more time to the development of our feature pack. I hope in the near future to be able to compile actual “release versions”; so far none of the maps I’ve made have the “same” feature pack contained within. I also want to integrate it as much as possible with Spring Map Edit since by FAR SME is the best map-making program ever. This would also involve different map textures themselves.

So yeah, new hitboxes anyone?!

Already been done for wrecks, not sure about units.

Did ships get them yet?

Spiked: they’re cylinders because that shape is cheaper to calculate than a box of arbitrary shape, and it suits them just fine. Look at it on the M4A4 (I think its still on there).