Hey All!

Hey guys,

I have a few questions.

I just installed the game and starting playing, but the graphics seem a bit messed up is there anyway I can edit the graphic options? Like my screen resolution and such?

Also, are there any patches? I only downloaded one file. Anything else I need?


wich OS do you use?

To increase or change the settings use “Spring Settings” you can find that under “tools” in the lobby or in the mainfolder of s44/springengine



I use Vista.

Is there anyway I can move the camera around more also?

Sorry for all the questions!

no problem i like to write in english lol.

Vista well actually i gave up vista for spring xD i only use xp or ubuntu for s44. Because under Vista it have some bugs. to move the camera around i always ask that on my self actually i only know that you can change the view angle by pressing ctrl/strg+mouse wheel (up/down)
i forgot the others…

maybe you can find some commands here:


You also should read this very funny xD: