spring does not run on multiple cores :wink:

Well, it does run on multicore CPUs, but it doesn’t use more than 1 core yet. There is some work on multithreading being done in the engine svn, but it’s far from complete.

However, multi-core CPUs are indeed helpful in creating gameplay videos, since you can run fraps or whatever screen grabbing program you use on one core, and spring on another.

Do you have any previous promotional work you can show us? Do you have any experience with promoting events or games?

If you don’t have examples of previous work lying around, the best way to show what you can do for us would be to grab Spring and 1944 (the installer version) and make a short gameplay video showing off some aspect of the game.


Use Paint.NET.

Do you have any idea how to make a video?


To be brutally honest the work done with Paint isn’t terribly impressive.

What installer.exe?