hello !!!

i would like how to use model from soviet union “foot soldiers” and german soldier … for build a better render or for a little work in what i want start do … may i use blender for build units in spring ?
may i use blender for load already model ?

thx if respond :slight_smile:

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You can use Blender to model for Spring, yes. But you will first have to export the models to .obj or .3ds from ‘Upspring’ - the Spring model utility.

Do you have experience using Blender already?

yes. but im justing looking something good for do “traning a bit” if you understand me . if you help me would be good :slight_smile:.

i want use model in S44 for traning some functions in what im building for test . if you help i would contrib more in S44 and help you finish this wonderfull work .