Hello! ^^

Hello my name is N3mesis.
So I joined this Forum, because Spring and this Game rocks more then the new RA3!
Anyway, I would help the Team if you need.
I am from Germany.

What I am able to do?

-3Ds Max (Modeling)
-voice acting (if needed)
-php, html, bb-code
-Gimp (really low)

Operating System: Ubuntu 8.10 “Intrepid Ibex” and Windows XP (windows=trash/rubbish)

The only thing is that i hate painting so Iam not able to be a Texture Artist.

I can show you guys some models later, anyway I model (3d objects) for BF2 (Tactical Advancing mod) (cre8or.deta12.com).
I have alot of Ideas, and would be happy to help I really love modelling and want to get some of my models used.

Oh i will add some more skills later, because at the time i forgott some things LOL.

Anyway i noticed the German sound-acting in game well… strange german but anyway i can help the other guy to make some more sounds because every time the same voice will be boring xD

[Ohh BIG suggestion (I know the wrong threat but i dont want to creat a new threat) the Game Overlay -I hope you guys know what i mean- is very boring and i think some better looking overlay or layout in game would be cooler ex. buttons, “money”/supplyswith cooler layout.]

I hope you guys are interessted, see you on the battlefield.

oh and pls help me to make my english better xD

Okay i made this (ger. KRUPP WERK) Krupp Weapon Factory Krupp was the German weapon builder during the World wars.
Anyway i made this to show you one of my models, it was for a CNC Generels mod but it never cames to use.
Well, have a look on it:

The concept, well the Tanks would drive trough the main entrance the big door/gate. :sunglasses:
With a Highres texture it would see fine lol

Maybe you guys have a job for me… i wait…


I like the model! Looks very nice. We certainly have need of someone who can model structures for us – ours are quite old, crappy, uninspired, etc…

To answer the question in your other thread, there’s really no limit on polycount for buildings, but generally no more than 2000 for the sake of our texture artist’s sanity (that’s me).

We would really appreciate some nice structure models for our HQs, barracks, and Yard models. Though for structures which build vehicles and such we’ve been hoping for another approach; rather than appearing to be built in a mini-factory we wanted to make something that looked like a field workshop where tanks arriving on the front for the first time are given final preperations for battle. So they would have things like boxes of ammunition, tools, oil drums, wheels, winches, sheds, etc etc, rather than a big bulky hard building. Same with Barracks, really; we used the design of prefabricated Nissen Huts for British and US barracks (which they used quite a lot) and some generic cheap looking structures for German and Soviet barracks where it looks like their militaries hastily put something barely livable up… you get the idea?

If you’d like to model stuff for us that’d be terrific. :slight_smile: We could also use German voice-acting too!

You mean User Interface/UI right?

Okay, sure first of all the model you can see there have no more the 1200polys.
anyway yeah i have good ideas for the barracks, and i already have a great idea for a submarine yard.
Well i would say that tanks can be repair at the factorys (thats why i made the cranes in front of it, for repairs and suff for tanks)
I would say i send you the model i made in a 3ds-file and have a look on it. I also have a Idea for bunkers (cuz germany had alot of bunkers). Anyway the Idea with the Fieldworkshop is great, I have a great idea for it. Well pls mind that my english is not “HIGH”.
To be sure not to make a mistake list me buildings you need (with suggestions and for what team).

If i finshed them i pack it in a RAR-file and send it to you in a 3ds format for skinning.
I can do the most models on weekend. ähm for the voice acting i want to get i contact with the other german guy here.
But first of all i would make the buildings.
PM me if you want the model i shown you in my last post.

oh i almost forgott i need any contact way? i have X-Fire, ICQ/Pidgin well and the lobby messenger of spring.

@panzeriv2 yeah thats correct.

See you

I’m not sure if any of us use ICQ or Pidgin and we rarely use xfire (only for gaming)

Best way to talk would be the spring lobby in our #s44 room since we’re nearly always there in one way or another.

Here’s a list of structures we could do with a redo:

British Headquarters, Barracks, Gun Yard, Vehicle Yard, Tank Yard, Advanced Tank Yard
German Headquarters Bunker, Barracks, Gun Yard, Vehicle Yard, Tank Yard, Advanced Tank Yard, Barracks Bunker, Storage Bunker
Soviet Barracks, Gun Yard, Vehicle Yard, Tank Yard, Advanced Tank Yard
US Headquarters, Barracks, Gun Yard, Vehicle Yard, Tank Yard, Advanced Tank Yard

If you’d like some concept sketches of some buildings I can provide some too… would be best to put ideas down on paper (mspaint) before actually beginning a model.

I’ll make you a Contributor. Can you make a thread in the Development forum after this? Thanks.

Sure i can make the Threat, this is good.

Well, I am not very skilled in painting but i can say you that i will make realistic big buildings (like the Krupp factory).
But I can make a WIP threat and show you basic model concepts then you can say what you like and what not. Because its difficult for me to imagine the model between paint and 3ds max.

I will open a WIP - Threat in Dev and i will try to show you some model concepts you / users can choose or what they like or what not?.

Before i will open the Threat i want that you agree ^^ Because i dont want to make any fault yet :smiley: I will beginn with the British Headquarter.

ähm… well how can i join chats in Spring? LOL? (#S44)

You can join #s44 from SpringLobby or TASClient (whichever you use), just type /join #s44 when logged in.

okay iam in the lobby ^^ but its late in germany so i will see you guys tomorrow.

I rather like the current british HQ, so if you can take inspiration from it that’d be great. :slight_smile:

How 'bout these concept art?
[size=80]Mind my revolutionary gradient use.[/size]

yeah i thought about to use the old design for the HQ with flag and those things…
Well, i have a question do you guys more want a factory or this … well, depot? (where tanks will be produced)?
Because i would prefer factorys its more realistic and it would motivate me as player much more… because this depot seems boring?
But a Field-Work-shop would be a great idea then tanks can get repaired in the battle or dont need to drive all the way back to the factory?

Because I am unsure what you want more so i m asking…

I will show you a render-idea of the HQ here in this threat.

Factories in the middle of a battlefield will look even dumber than what we have now. The factories should look like ‘field-work-shops’

They can still be quite complex however. Add some trucks, a crane vehicle (preferably the same model that is used for that side’s engineering veh), maybe even a larger shed that can cover entire assembly area, power generator for the electric welding, etc. - lots of things are mobile enough to be found on every field workshop.
Another idea I have is making the tank yard a railroad unloading point. So it will have a piece of track, a flatbed wagon standing there, and the tanks would be unloaded from the ‘train’ using cranes or ramps. Problem is making that piece of railroad in the middle of nowhere look good.

Okay this is the model of the GBR_HQ well its not finished because i dont know if you like it so watch it:

I let some place, because in another forum was talked about “upgarding” buildings so i can add more to a upgraded building would be easier instead f making the hole model new or adding it difficult, anyway suggestions are welcome also critics.

Say what you want more or what you dont like i will overwork it this model even dont have 1000 polys, lol ~700 polys.
I used the old design.

Well it have:
-electic stuff
-some barrels, shells, boxes
-sandbags around it
-entrance for vehicles (maybe for more supplies or something…)

I thought to add:

-defend-bunker with MG or something

I’d like a NOTA-syle system, but instead of having all buildings totally blocked by a build radius limit around the HQ, you could force the player to build cheaper, weaker depot-style buildings outside of that radius. This means that the player could have a proper ‘base’, and would then have to make do with supply lines, and advanced depot, corrugated, ramshackle-style bases (around command flags?). I think that it would make gameplay much more realistic, seen that the player cannot spread about as he can now, but has to launch an ‘offensive’ so to speak, which would create more important, decisive battles, and it would make command flags so much more important. Where a port is concerned, it can be built anywhere on the shore, and can serve as an extra ‘base’ seen it is such a major building, but I hope that only 1 or 2 ports can be built to avoid the player sprawling all along the coastline lol. Gd idea? :smiley:

This idea came up in my head because big stuff like tanks planes and guns were largely made in cities. Correct me if I am wrong though. A good one for wikipedia :smiley:

EDIT: I dont want a stationary consruction building. A radius blocking the big bulky factories and the barracks buildings etc would be around the HQ, but engineers would be the same as now. When a player tryed to build these big buildings outside of the build limit HQ thingy radius, the engineers would not build, and a message would appear saying ‘cannot build here!’ (or smth like that that explains why as well)

Yeah the others told me. ^^

The buildings are fixed and like the Devs want them. I asking very often the guys here if they like it, because idk how the engine works with those buildings. (I was new at Spring) But they know it ^^

Well I can say you that the buildings are finished in a couple of days and i hope the guys will skin it :smiley:

[I hope my English was clear cuz its not my best language] :frowning:

That’s good! Does that mean that there WILL be a permanent base?!! :smiley:
(in sorry about writing a novel but I wanted to be as detaild as pos. in my ideas ^^)

well I dont know what you really mean with “permanent” but I am only the modeler i didnt asked the Mod Leader so much about the new plans or anything like that. If i understand you right…

Really, what I meant was that there would be 2 types of building: 1: The really solid well built urban style ones, that are buildable within a radius around the HQ, so there’s the ability to fortify, and to recruit heavy units, and then,2: theres the current buildings, that are intended for advanced bases, etc. that have less HP, and maybe they build heavy units slower, or need supply to build hevy units, so its more convenient to recruit heavy units using type 1 buildings… And then, when a major structure (for example a port) is built, it also has a radius that allows for the first types of buildings to be constructed around it. So then, you get the best of both worlds… It isnt unrealistic, either, seen that the player cant sprawl this massive city all over the map. Do you get me now? If not, be more precise, and I’ll try to give a better answer/formulate it in a different way :slight_smile: