Height advantage?


I played spring Operation Koltso a lot and some SVN last week and I really enjoyed it. I played mostly with Journier, SpikedHelmet and others. Spring 1944 is the main reason I started playing Spring games. Right now I’m not at my gaming computer.

Here’s a suggestion that might already be implemented or limited by the spring engine but I think it could be easy to pulloff. I don’t know much about the coding. However, I wonder what kind of advantage height makes in spring 1944. I guess most ranged units, if not all, gets’ a little range boost, it’s harder to shoot units on a flat hill with arty and units that try to run up a hill takes more time doing so that they might bunch up and the defender have longer time to get reinforcement or flank the attacker.

Here is a subtle but yet realistic way of giving height advantage and also giving ditches and ridges more tactical use:

Make the point where Line Of Sight is estimated from, on infantry, higher then the point from which they are detected.

The infantry, set on manuover or issued a fight move, standing behind a ridge will move up until they can see and fire on the enemy infantry on the other side.
The enemy infantry won’t see them, giving the player with the ridge a slight advantage but as the enemy infantry moves closer to the ridge the defenders need to step up to fire and will be spotted by the enemy infantry that is further away neglecting the ridge advantage so it wouldn’t be a huge advantage.

Refering to reality that would be like you couldn’t see the infantry on the ridge because it’s only a head that is visible but hard to spot in the grass and you would need to move closer in order to get a good shot at them.

You could also make the point where they fire from higher then the targeting point.

I don’t know how to post pictures but I made some if that is needed to clarify my purpose.

Unnecessary? CPU draining? Any drawbacks besides alot of work and testing? What happens when the infantry starts to crawl, is the LOS effected?

I’m not sure we can move LoS origin relative to the rest of the unit (hitsphere in that case). Infact I’m not sure from where exactly on the model is LoS calculated. Plus, we have LoS mip level set to more than 1, so small movement of LoS origin won’t make any difference on the resulting LoS map (at least as far as I understand LoS mip levels).

Maybe its already implemented in the way riflemen fire when they are standing.
You can choose the point from which the bullets are fired from, right?
If so, the effect that I desire might already be there, unless weapons’ terrain blockage is calculated from the hitsphere and not the weapons’ position.

But I’m just speculating.
From where are LoS calculated? Mittle of units’ hitsphere? At the top? Bottom? Different from time to time? Anyone?

From the top of the hitsphere, if I recall correctly from my adventures in that code a few months ago :wink:

(I recall something like unit->pos.y + unit->model->height)

So the desired effect isn’t there unless units target something else than the top of infantry.
They do target the top then, right?

I have the impression that holding higher terrain already gives you plenty advantage, so I’m not sure why you’d want to make it even better… (can’t comment on the technical feasabilty, don’t know enough about that).

There’s already a way to set weapons to have longer range when on higher ground, I think it’s automatic and on by default.

Height also gives advantage to infantry in that infantry can easily throw grenades down slopes while it is harder for attacking infantry to throw grenades up. Then of course there’s the added bonus of having a better firearc to let you hit targets above terrain.

Increasing LOS while on high terrain, similarly to how weapon ranges are increased, would be cool IMO.

Actually, it’s more like I’m looking for a ridge/ditch advantage. If you place infantry behind a ridge it protects them quiet well but the advantage against infantry is slim. I think it would be nice if the infantry behind a rigde most of the times could get some shoots off before attacking units does.

They have to have LOS and range, which is difficult to achieve before the other side can. I’ll look into it, though.