Heavy Rain on Tangerine

Map: Tangerine;
Players: 3 vs 3 zCram, Buumi, [CAt]super, Ubber_nub, [fi]Mistra, JAL;
Spring version,
Spring1944 version Pre-M v160;

Rampage goes on for the total of 1.5 hours. Ships are used. Planes almost take out South midway, just to be succeeded by a huge marine landing operation against the South few minutes later. But good prevails, and the hostile forces are pushed back! Unquestionably a rather entertainig battle! Good watching!


Comments about ship usage and play tactics or the lack thereof are well expected in this thread! VVV

JAL: I think you actually did a pretty good job on the whole with the ships. However, remember not to use vehicle transports to move infantry around.

Fire support ships seem to be a good power level for the rest of the unit set. Integrating a counter system for them might be tricky, though. As will moving up the ship tree.