Heavy partisan abuse causes luarules crash

Infolog attached. Basically one player just spammed partisan planes and had hordes of free partisans (nearing 1000 in numbers by the end). This apparently caused a gadget crash.

Looks to be caused by reaching unit limit (-> CreateUnit fails, so unitid is nil etc) Should be an easy fix.

Fixed(?) r2816.

Morph also crashed, not sure if it was a cascade failure.

Infact, on closer inspection, a LOT crashed. Probably a cascade of failure but also perhaps duplicate issues regarding unit limits and new unit creation. :neutral_face:

Looks like all the crashes were independent ones with the same issue.

I’m not quite sure how to tackle this, for instance, if you call in a paratrooper drop and then reach unit limit, with the obvious fix of checking the unit was created, it will then not drop any paratroopers.

I guess the first thing to do is to reduce partisan spawn spam. My suggestion would be that we limit how many partisans a single spawn can support at any given time. i.e. say it supports 10 partisans, once there are 10 partisans spawned by that unit, it ceases to spawn any more until one or more dies.

Well, may be the partisan shack was not so bad ? I saw yuritch many time trying to infiltrate a commissar and being annoyed to be compeled to build a barrack.

In other hand, me, In that game I just spamed partisans supplies. Partisans who I used as front line soldiers. I used them as zerglings more accurately, with ambush ON.

airdroped partisans supplies make harder the attack from rear.

How about keeping the gradual spawn mechanic, but giving commissars ability to build the dumps as well as the airdrops (faces making airdrops redundant though)

Dumps buildable for commissars is interesting.

Partisans drop sortie cost 1500, that means I should spent 150000 (=100 dumps ) to keep 1000 partisans with the limit of 10 partisans for 1 dump.

Same price that 10 konigtigers.

We can increase the cost of the dumps or have partisans deduct command when they spawn.

well, we could first try the limit of 1 bump to keep 10 partisans. If it is not enough we may gradualy increase the cost of the dump or make the partisan cost something.

Well, I figured you were saying 1,000 partisans are more useful than 10 KTs. :smiley:

I’ll get round to writing the support limit in the next couple of days probably.

With partisan spam :
_ I win the Line of Sight battle. (I see the ennemy tanks and he doesn’t see mine = I can shoot him accuratly not him = I win with far fewer tanks)

_ I can block enemy tanks moves with walls of partisans (he can’t move his tanks like he would like to, in other hand me I can)

_ I can hold wide areas against enemy infantry. Partisan in ambush is like a minefield.

_ there is a non negligible probability that partisans become living shields against enemy penetrators, stopping the more powerfull AP shoots. Packed partisans in front of your IS-2 are additional skirts of armor, and it cost nearly nothing.

Limit is implemented as of r2817, current limit is 10.

I instituted some less than intuitive changes in the past in order to make Partisans defensive, and I suggested others. If we make Unit UI advancements, might these be a possibility in the future to make these less offensive?

Auf English, bitte? :confused:

I have said from the beginning and still say now, “Ambush” mode on the Partisans should be removed, it has no precedence in S44 nor does it make sense (why can some civvies with old rifles ambush but no one else?) and makes them more useful than they should be.

That would be a simple solution but I don’t think it addresses everything.