Heavy guns

A list of artillery pieces suitable to break stalemates:

Side Gun                          Caliber Range
GBR  BL 4.5"                      114 mm  18 km
GER  10 sK 18                     105 mm  19 km
RUS  A-19                         122 mm  20.4 km
US   4.5-inch Gun M1              114 mm  19 km
ITA  Cannone da 105/32            105 mm  16 km
JPN  Type 92 10 cm Cannon         105 mm  18 km
SWE  10.5 cm kanon m/34           105 mm  16 km

US   155 mm Long Tom                    155 mm  23.7 km		(a little bit too large?)
GBR  BL 5.5"                            140 mm  16.5 km		(4.5" has better range and is lighter)
ITA  Cannone da 149/40 modello 35       149 mm  23.7 km		(uncommon piece and too heavy)
RUS  107 mm divisional gun M1940 (M-60) 107 mm  18 km		(very uncommon piece)
RUS  107 mm gun M1910/30                107 mm  16 km       (worse than A-19)
JPN  Type 89 15 cm Cannon               149 mm  19.9 km     (too heavy)

A list to go with the above: high-level recon planes. Should fly out of reach of ground-based AA, but still in reach of fighters. Should be faster than basic scout planes (some even fast enough to actually outrun the fighters), and also way more expensive, so they are suited for looking deep into enemy territory, but not so well for spotting enemy inf at frontline.

RUS   Pe-2R
GER   Ju-188D
US    F-4 (recon version of Lightning)
GBR   Mosquito PR
ITA   Fiat CR.25 (too few?)
JPN   Mitsubishi Ki-46
SWE   S18 (recon version)

GER   Fw 189 (slow)

Ideally they would be ‘photo-recon’ type, so they don’t reveal much while flying, but reveal position of static units the moment they return, making them only good at spotting buildings.