Having problems playing Spring

Hello guys! Do you remember me? Well,some months ago I downloaded Sprig Lobby and everything needed to play (Mods) but when I tried to put them into the “mods” folder they result as “zip” and didnt result as a “mod” ( I remember mods for this game had a yellow star in a red background as icon ) So I gave up and deleted everything. When I’ll get faster connection I would like to download this game and play it again. I have Windows 7,maybe that’s the problem? can you help me? Thx.

The problem is Internet Explorer, it will, by default, detect that the file is a zip archive and rename it as such. You can either just be careful when downloading to make sure that you select the correct filetype to save as, or rename the file manually (you may have to turn on hidden file extensions in windows to do that)

Thx,I’m not going to do that soon,I’ll get faster connection the 24th of April,so I’ll give you some news after that day.See you soon in the lobby!

Ok,I did that today,I used Firefox to download the mod,and it’s working. Big thanks!

No worries, hope you enjoy it and don’t find it too hard to get some games going. :wink: