halftracks morph result wrong

The result if a halftrack morphs to a supply crate is wrong it shows an Opel Blitz after morphing
idk if its fixed in the SVN but im sure its still in the 1.06 release.

Good point. The halftrack could morph into a halftrack with supplies around it instead, and also still have the HMG! Opinions?

HMG sounds interesting.
Btw, is it intentional that halftrack-produced supply pile has like 3 times the radius of truck-based one?

+1; why would anyone waste a perfectly good HMG? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, although if we put the HMG on maybe we should shrink the radius to match to compensate.

and let the supply/transport truck morph in to the model which the halftrack morphed everytime xD i think someone exchanged it. by the way
i cant build a supply truck just transport trucks which morphs into supply crates. wtf? it should be the other way round lol i noticed the supply truck is still in game but not buildable and morphable just the transport truck >:-/ :question:

One more vote for keeping the heavy machinegun. I’d leave the supply radius as is, though, to encourage deploying them (when was the last time anyone deployed a halftrack in a multiplayer game anyway?).

I do so when using ISU-152 or Katyusha. Large supply radius helps those units enourmously. Katyusha for ex. can relocate inside it to avoid counter-battery fire.
Of course it isn’t that important when using stationary guns.

i do it sometimes if i need the radius and don’t have any trucks

I do it fairly often; it lets me keep my infantry decently spread while making use of that +30% firerate. Truck deployments mean that mortars or arty can pretty effectively nuke my groups.

i don’t particularly understand myself why halftracks were given the larger ammo radius when deployed while trucks were given smaller… I’m sure someone had good reason but I’d just like to point out I still disagree with it. ALso, I don’t remember the last time I deployed a halftrack.

I do deploy them, but mostly out of laziness, and not because of real practical purposes. :wink:
(E.g. plenty halftracks available on front and not a single truck, so I just deploy a halftrack.)

Sure the supply Radius is bigger and the machinegun is okay to Pin enemys it also supply Units Near it without morphing

Actually, I deploy halftracks a lot in SP. I’ve noticed it takes several “Unload” commands to get one to drop its whole squad of infantry, which is annoying as heck to do if you have a dozen of them to handle. On the other hand, if you form all of them into a line and give the whole group the “Deploy” command, they drop the whole bunch in one go. Then you have the option of leaving them that way or undeploying them (I only do that to retain the MG fire support; I then bring up trucks to form supply dumps while I task a construction vehicle with building a depot)

Usually in a late-game offensive (I’ve only played S1944 on single-player, which means my usual strategy is to hold ground against the AI, build up a large attack force, and then crush the bot in one go) I’ll build 12-15 halftracks and load them with infantry - depending on the faction, I often do just assault squads but sometimes mix in rifle, MG, or AT sections as well. I’ll group them up with my tanks and possibly some SP guns and then order my frontline infantry to advance and fan out into a line. Once they’ve gotten a little ways down the pike, I rush up the vehicles into a line just behind them and deploy the halftracks. (I do this because at present, tanks and vehicles politely stop if they run into enemy infantry, clogging up the offensive and leaving it vulnerable to grenade and AT attacks). In short order that gives me an infantry-screened line of tanks and artillery pieces with supplies, right in artillery range of the opposing base. And then the fun begins. :no4: