GZM Blitzkrieg mod makers ask for models

The makers of GZM mod for Blitzkrieg engine ask for permission to use some of our models (they are currently interested in our engineering trucks and some ships). They can offer something back, in the form of UVMaps and textures for (some) of our ships. Currently those are Russian BKA-1125 and BMO, and they are willing to map and texture some more - mainly smaller ones, probably torpedo boats and such.
As this is a Russian work that just happens to be one of the best Blitzkrieg mods (IMHO), I gave them my untextured ship models (since those are my work, and they will give the textures back), but I cannot do so with the engineering vehicles because the UVs and textures are not made by me, hence this post. So I ask other devs (esp. Spiked) to comment on this.
The quality of models and textures in Blitzkrieg is generally lower than that of our work (they only have fixed camera, so all the OTA tricks with missing bottom faces and such apply), but IMO that will still be much better than untextured gray ship models we have now. Their models generally look like this (or this and this) (and the insane unit bloat is normal for that game - GZM covers the whole WW2 period, from 1936 Spanish civil war and Khalhin-Gol incident to 1945), gun crews on the towed guns are not part of the model, ‘minor’ nations such as Finland or Hungary (not to mention Japan, France and Italy) are included.

Well I have no problem with it. I’ll ask spiked but i’m 99% sure his response will be ‘do what you like with any s44 asset’ as it usually is.

Can’t hurt to get more people with texturing experience interested in us :wink:

Ok, so I’m waiting for Spiked to show up.
Here’s a WIP shot of texture for the BKA-1125 (disregard other units there, they are for comparison only. Also the turrets won’t be green when it’s finished):
The screen was taken in the Blitzkrieg engine.

I have no problem.