Gun ranges r strange

For example the Tiger1 gun ,88mm Kwk 36/L 56 has length of 5m, muzzle vel. around 800m/s. Ingame range 2150.

The SU 100 gun 100mm DT-10, has length 5,3m muzzle vel. 900m/s. Ingame range 1860.

The Panther gun , 75mm kwk 42/L70 has length of 5,2m, muzzle vel. 1000m/s. Ingame range 1690.

more vel + longer barrel = shorter range?


You’re not looking at the entire picture. The panther AP shell is smaller than the tiger’s, so in order to impart enough energy to the target it needs more velocity. Likewise for the SU-100 (with a 100mm) gun.

Ranges are also set on a fairly arbitrary basis, based on how we want to shape the role of the unit. Tigers were ‘sniper tanks’ which were renowned for having huge engagement ranges, while Panthers were closer to a medium tank in usage. SU-100 was probably just copy/pasted from something else, but until a gameplay problem emerges, I have no intention of randomly shuffling ranges around.

Also consider the optics available on those vehicles; maximum ballistic range of a cannon is not the same as effective engagement range of a given AFV.

Panther and SU 100 had excellent view.


SU-100 is probably underranged, I’ll look at it, but if you’re going to make reality-based arguments you need to make sure you’re citing sources. … q=&f=false

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Panther used tzf12 periscope wich allowed it 2 aim up 2 3000m, panther was disigned for long range killing.

about SU 100 : … su-100.asp

SU-100 is seriously under-ranged. Look at JagdPanther!! Panther has looked mostly ok in my eyes so far tho… esp. when considering the ranges that US and GBR tanks have… Panther range is the same as the vc firefly of the british. I’m not saying that all ranges should be the same, either.

17 pdr had 4.25 barrel length and the kwk 42/l70 had 5.25 barrel length, it was less accurate at range. … cy&f=false