gui_plane_autoselect.lua overlaps gui_s44_transporting.lua

The gui_plane_autoselect.lua widget is positioned a bit too low and is overlapping the gui_s44_transporting.lua widget. Setting local POSITION_Y = .214 in line 30 of gui_plane_autoselect.lua places it just high enough that the lower border is just touching the upper border of gui_s44_transporting.lua.

I’m running the game in 1024x768, just in case.

I was testing svn rev 3146.

Grumble, I of course tested it in my native res and forgot about such things. I’ll change it to an absolute value so it properly behaves with selection buttons / transporting. :unamused:

The “buttons” aren’t overlapping anymore but sometimes the transporting widget shows a translucent black square.

The funny thing is that it only happens with the first unit loaded, the rest are normal.

I remember this was also happening while I was testing svn rev 3146. I made a custom gui_plane_autoselect.lua to try to fix the overlap myself and after changing the y position local in line 30 I was unable to reproduce the black box behavior.

Upon looking into gui_plane_autoselect.lua in svn rev 3149 I noticed that the y position local in line 30 still has the value from svn rev 3146 so I assume the widget was placed higher through other means. Perhaps this causes the widget to be drawn to the screen at an appropriate height but the widget still exists at a lower height, at least as far as the transporting widget is concerned.

Also, the “1” from gui_s44_selbuttons.lua corresponding to the truck appears on top of the pictures for the units being transported. This could be solved by moving the two widgets above (gui_s44_transporting.lua and gui_plane_autoselect.lua) even higher but that would place gui_plane_autoselect.lua in a very intrusive position (almost at the center of the screen). Could I request that the unit pictures be made a little smaller? They appear awfully large at 1024x768.

I was testing svn rev 3149.

I kinda like them “awfully big”, it’s the biggest icon I’ve seen yet and you get to see the detail of the icon…

They are only 64 x 64 pixels - the size of buildpics in OTA! If they were small enough for 640 x 480 I think they are small enough as they are. :smiley: You can always edit the widgets for your own pleasure and place in your root LuaUI folder :wink:

I’m aware of the ‘1’ overlapping. I didn’t think it a big deal. At any rate, I should probably combine the two widgets into one with smarter behaviour (suggestions welcome).

I also saw the black square thing, not sure what is causing it. Seems now I can’t replicate it. :angry:

Well, it’s not the size per se that concerns me, it’s the fact that if all three widgets are stacked at the bottom of the screen then they block a good portion of the main view. This is probably only a problem with lower resolutions (which I guess includes 1024x768 nowadays).

As for the black box, it doesn’t happen every time. I think I got it to happen by calling in a sortie so the aircraft buttons are present and then selecting a truck and loading a unit.

Yeah it is a bit much. One thought is that if the two are combined, we can eliminate the second row (from transporting) and show it as the bottom row, either with or without the transporter itself