Goodwood! (v05)


Located at the usual place, changelog way too massive to cover, but briefly:

  • Flags use Lua, no more micro to build them
  • Suppression/fear is all lua’d, no more missing shots causing fear.
  • Infantry have all new (faster, CPU-wise) scripts with many new animations, and can now crawl under fire.
  • Supply zones are important for infantry too - when in a supply zone, inf drain 0 energy to fire and get a 35% firing rate bonus. When outside of a supply zone, inf drain -1 per shot, fire at normal rate. During a stall, inf fire at 65% of normal fire rate.
  • Regular trucks can morph into tiny supply dumps, perfect for a platoon of inf.
  • Supply radius of supply truck has been bumped up.


  • Supply radii nicely rotate now.
  • Engineers have a LuaUI build line to indicate construction

I know there’s more stuff but I can’t remember right now, it’s late. Anyways. Wooo!

Edit: old build, thread locked to prevent mix-ups.