God I hate php

So, flozi pointed me an issue with acp access this morning. I went ahead and waved some git magic to back to a working version. Silly me then tried to update phpBB since current version is kinda old (3 release back). Do the download and extraction of the update package. Get a weird “cannot redeclare class X” in the update script. Go in and yank the include that pulls that declaration. Repeat a couple of times. End up with cannot find class X". Yes, the very same X that was redeclared a couple of steps back. Guess what happens if I add the include back in? “Cannot find class Y”. Now I roll back the include stuff in reverse order to arrive at the initial snafu again.
I’ll leave this board old as is for now with a heartfelt fuck you to the gigantic bullshit that is phpbb (ever tried finding out what mods are installed? NOT POSSIBLE) and php.

thanks for your time, koshi. I noticed we were getting spambots registered from localhost.localdomain, but I’m happy to just use admin/mod tools to deal with them myself given how much of a mess the update process is.

Iirc there’s a couple of options to tweak in acp, like matching user ip against a couple of blacklists

Once I’ve forgotten much much crap it is, I’ll prolly try again from a completely clean 3.07-PL1 install instead of based on whatever mods/changes might be in the current install.