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So, after the decision of the community to move away from Github (Moving from Github?), but we didn’t choose where we should move. That’s the reason I open a new poll. You can choose several of them and even choose some which are not in the poll. Let comment pls if it’s the case.

You haven’t the right to choose more than 3 Git hosts.

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I don’t know if there are other git Hosting provider I can add to the poll. Any idea ?

One more time, every is ok. It’s just not YOUR point of view. And pls stop attcking ppl personally. I already said sorry and I open this forum, for ppl here. If you don’t want to join the discussion it’s ok, but the previous poll legitimize the move from github (at least considering it). You can still vote for github here.

For info, as you are not the lead dev of Spring1944, I don’t think you have something to say on it. Sorry.

Moreover, and for your information I did a depression “6 months ago” and what ppl were saying before the conversation made me angry (about reporting me), whereas I just changed right without any intention. And moreover and finally, it’s me who created this orga on gitlab, not you (you were against) and who had this idea.

I don’t think coming back on it will improve the situation.

Note: Hard to find any respect to any decision made in environment where person involved in dispute is moderator of the discussion at the same time.


I disagree with the setup of the discussion (e.g. this poll) - it does not serve to find the best setup for S44 project, It just serve to bring the decision power from hands of current holders to other people.

“How we discuss” is valid topic in scope of the discussion.

Well, I just invited you to change your comment. But apparently, you didn’t understand the point. Your idea to do rules is ok, as I said in the chat. But please, help me ! I can’t manage alone a forum, moreover when I’m not even dev of spring1944 itself (only website and services perhaps).

I didn’t find any respect or any good intention in the post I hide. The last lines were only attacking me, without any good reason, just to say “see this guy was very bad and wanted to destroy community, don’t follow him”. But what you didn’t understand is I’m not alone on this forum and I had reason (perhaps bad as I said).

Even if I’m moderator, I don’t think this conversation has its place here. Moreover when you just turn quotes in your direction by cutting them out of any context.

Finally, you are moderator as any Developers of Spring1944. I let everybody express their point of view and I don’t lead a dictatorship as you tend to say. Please, open a new topic if you disagree with me, in staff category pls. It has not place here.

I’m +1 to move to gitlab… However the wiki is failing quite often…

The main problem I see to notabug and sourceforge is the static website… notabug directly don’t support that, meanwhile sourceforge is even providing you a virtual server (so you can even setup the forum inside), but is PAINFULLY slow.

Finally, I can’t actually see the point of running away from github to use another privative alternative, like bitbucket or sourceforge

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I agree with you. In fact, it’s the reason I give the idea of Framagit which is maintained by a french association I know quite well. It use Gitlab and we can create a website on

For info, I don’t get money in making ads :slight_smile: I just find this association really nice. It has many responsabilities and promoted famous software : for example the alternative to YouTube which is called Peertube, which gets thanks to framasoft (name of the asso), more than 50 000€ (through crowdfunding). Another idea would be : we can use Framasites for the website and another service for the git hosting.

Well, it’s only an idea.

@Sanguinario_Joe gitlab is just marginally better than bitbucket and sourceforge from freedom viewpoint. Don’t let the existance of Gitlab CE trick you.

For the website: an idea which can be nice : Why can’t we collect some money to buy a VPS and run our own infra ?

There are some cheap VPS and perhaps some of you have already a VPS which don’t use all the disk space, good to have a static website.

@JAL, @buumi, @Sanguinario_Joe, @s44yuritch
Simple question : by “Gitlab”, you prefer or another Gitlab host ? (cf difference between with and Gitlab CE).

It’s my fault : I didn’t precise what was “Gitlab”.

cc @ThinkSome

I don’t have any preferences.
As for VPS, that is possible. What will the cost be? (I’ve not much experience with really cheap ones)

It depends. I don’t know much about VPS, @ThinkSome has some already, he knows surely better than me.
OVH provides some VPS from 43,06€/year or 3,59/month.
Dedicated Server in OVH : from 4,79€
On this website there are some good plans too :
Some here too :

I really don’t know if they are the cheapest or not.

I use aruba cloud, 1.22 eur per 30 days. There would be about 15GB free on it if the thing would be properly reinstalled (unable to do so as I currently have no access to its management console and the thing does not offer any templates for normal distros) and thus the junk cleared (it is currently a Gentoo container running a top of Ubuntu).

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An existing Gitlab instance is possible too (without I’ve already said). Framagit is one but I don’t know other. Although I’ve noticed it’s slow to me at times which is a bit irritating. Also, I still don’t see reason for hosting static site in some player’s VPS. AFAIK problems it caused was exactly the reason why Nemo wanted to move hosting to GitHub in the first place.

Yes, Well, I didn’t mean specifically VPS, but another Gitlab instances hosted by another company/association or I don’t know :wink:

Our main target should be reducing as much as possible the maintenance overhead. Along this line, our best choice is staying in GitHub, but that’s not good because evil Microsoft. The next easier option (by far) is moving to GitLab.

Of course, I’m talking about EVERYTHING, i.e. repository, issues tracker, web page, wiki… The forum is in fact an open question… Can we place the forum somewhere else to reduce the time spent by frju?

Note: We should not move to Gitlab until we are sure we can edit again the domain (last time it was a nightmare)

I don’t spent time to maintain this forum. I just click on update or backup and this backuped it automatically.

Well, about, I’ve really doubt… as gitlab == Google :wink: But it’s ok if everybody agree (I still think we won’t be able to migrate wiki).

For info, I talk to the maintainer of framagit and they say that it’s completely ok if we wanted to move on this plateform (it’s a alternative hosted by Framasoft association). Let me just find the post on their forum I created…