getting over the "you're just another WWII game" syndrome?

Just wondering if anyone has any brilliant ideas on helping people understand that S44 is a good game on its own, not just a WWII game. This is spurred by a post in response to a S44 link on a random forum:

I started looking for some of Company of Heroes’ marketing to get a sense of why it worked for them - my first impression is that they really emphasized how innovative the game was for the RTS genre as a whole, and downplayed the “WWII” bit for the most part. Personally I always struggle when someone asks me for a selling point, since I don’t have a single one for S44 except that “its a deep game designed for competitive play, while also being awesome for noncompetitive types” which is fairly wordy.

Anyways. Probably just another useless marketing based thread, but if anyone has some ideas, I’d love to hear them. I’m getting kind of sick of that reaction to a game which is lots of fun in its own right, not just as a WWII setting.

Well S44 have lacks and i don’t want to say that the models lack ^^ But the most people don’t realise that’s a game which is not finish. (I think) and they try to compare those unfinished games with “big games” like CoH.
Sure Company of Heroes have more dynamic and looks very impressive. But they spend a lot of time in the game and made it for money. With completely other tools or “know how” But we or the S44 Devs doing it for fun and not for money. The people don’t realise that. If i compare S44 with the “normal” Spring based games. Its an awesome, realistic and “every time getting better product”.

I personally think that we shouldn’t do so much Free releases we should do it like SW:IW (Star Wars : Imperial Winter) I am sure the people rather want to download something complete then something unfinished and they really don’t want to download a new Beta release or RC release or what ever we actually releasing just for one or two fixes. There should be a Beta team testing the games/releases but nothing like 112327302 open betas. Well just my thoughts about it. ^^

I hope everything is grammatical right.

I agree, we need to stress the game, not the content focus. I hoped that we could also play on associated areas of history, like the Winter War or the Spanish Civil War.

I would also regularize releases to some extent, one every two or three months - we already have a major release pattern that works well, I just want to make it more consistent.

Sell them on cooperative play. Once we make some FPS UI (I think this can be done.) sell them on FPS. Sell them on campaigns, once we have those. Play up the interaction between different categories of units, the mixed nature of play, the chaotic portrayal of actual warfare. The supply system, the social dynamics (Sharing, Command, etc.)