German truck supply radius inconsistency

The dimmed supply circle when the german truck is undeployed is smaller than the supply circle after the truck is deployed.

I was testing svn rev 2297. I seem to remember noticing this quite a few revisions ago but I forgot to report it.

This is intentional, it’s supposed to be better at giving ammo (bigger radius) when deployed as opposed to when everything is “packed up” into the truck. Should be the same for all trucks.

The dimmed supply radius while moving is just to show you where its radius is when deployed. As all dim radii mean. Bright ones indicate actual, current supply, dim indicates what it will be after deploying.

Thanks tot, I’ll look at it.

Actually, this seems to happen with all four faction’s trucks, not just Germany.

The Russian barracks is suffering from something similar. The dimmed supply circle that is displayed when placing the building is smaller than the supply circle after the building is finished.

I was testing svn rev 2300.

Dimmed supply radii are the wrong size across all units (transport trucks, barracks, yards, supply depots) belonging to all factions. Just a reminder.

I was testing svn rev 2339.

Let me look at that. If I don’t solve it in a day or two, poke somebody else. :wink:

EDIT: Fixed, as is the Unbuilt building supply radii.

Excellent :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a couple of details. Half-track dimmed supply circles should be removed and also the debug messages (“truck, 200”, “truck, nil”, etc).

I was testing svn rev 2341.

Whole thing should be based on customParams, I don’t believe it is currently

No, Nemo added a parameter for the active radius but it remains to add one for inactive. And yes, those would be testing messages. When I look at it again I’ll remove them, hopefully port Nemo’s active radius to inactive, and add inactive radius custom parameters.