German Sound Files

Here are the sound files in german. When my voice sounds to gay, I will make some new with friends :smiley:.

Those are really, really good. Amazing quality. Very excited you’re willing to help out. :slight_smile:

Just a couple of suggestions: This may sound a little fruity, but try to “act” more. You know, imagine you’re out in the middle of a forest, someone you can’t see is trying to shoot you, explosions are erupting all around you, you’re scared out of your fucking mind and trying to hold it together as you talk to your commander. You could die at any moment.

Here is a full script. I do not have the capability to really translate it all, but you can probably bet that in terms of terminology it may be different from modern German dialect, as Wehrmacht terminology is a bit different… but meh.


Yes sir?
Yes Generaloberst?
What are our orders?
Panzergrenadier reporting.
Sniper reporting.
Panzerkampfwagen reporting.
Pzkpfw ready.
Panzerjager reporting/ready.
Jagdpanzer reporting/ready.
Sturmgeschutz reporting/ready.
Vehicle (kraftwagen?) ready.


Yes sir.
Moving out.
Launching attack!
Sniper moving.
Pzkpfw moving out.
Pzkpfw attacking.
Engaging enemy forces.
Jagdpanzer moving out.
Panzerjager moving out.
Sturmgeschutz moving out.
Vehicle moving out.

Ready for orders, Generaloberst.
Securing area.
Sniper has infiltrated area.
Pzkpfw has arrived at location.
Pzkpfw deploying for combat.
Jagdpanzer deploying.
Panzerjager deploying.
Sturmgeschutz ready for orders.
Vehicle has reached destination.

We’re under fire!
Taking fire sir!
My position has been spotted!
Pzkpfw under fire!
Jagdpanzer under fire!
Panzerjager under fire!
Sturmgeschutz under fire!
Vehicle under fire!

Construction project completed, sir.
Infantry ready for combat, sir.
Vehicle ready for deployment, sir.
Armour (generic) ready for combat, sir.

If you want you can make some more practice runs on a couple of lines and post them for feedback until you feel you’re good to go, but chances are we’ll use anything you throw at us because we’re desperate for a real German. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the team!

Ok, I will complete it the next days.
Yes sir you can cancel, because in german you spoke the rank and say for example “Jawohl Herr Leutnant” or easyli “jawohl”.

I have a question about the military units. In the armys are groups with number and names like the “2. SS-Panzer-Division „Das Reich“”, do you will
maybe some of theme spoken like " Panzerdivision das Reich bereit die Feinde zurück zu schlagen" whats mean “tank division the Reich ready to hit the enemys back” or you think this a bad idea?

I don’t think it’s a good idea as there were many other formations on all sides that took part in the war. It is better to keep it unit-specific rather than include specific formations; “Panzergrenadier” can suffice. It’ll just be up to the player to role-play and imagine he’s commanding tanks of the 21st Panzer Division or Stormtroopers of the LSSAH :stuck_out_tongue: Just as players playing the US can imagine they’re George Patton commanding the Big Red One or commanding the Soviet 5th Shock Army.

Can you describe the Situation where these sentences are used ?
Engaging enemy forces. || When I translate it in German I get " einehmend feindliche Truppen", but this is non sense.
Panzergrenadier reporting. || You mean a Situation when you just click on a person or you mean he say his status?
Sniper reporting.
Panzerkampfwagen reporting.


I am German too. I can help you if you need?

“Engaging enemy forces.” = “I am attacking the enemy” etc

Yes exactly. They are reporting that they are ready when called on by an officer (the player).

Here are the OKCONFIRM files.
I made two Snipersounds for Sniper moving. Choose the one you like moore.

They sound good, except that where I abbreviated “Pzkpfw” it was meant for you to say “Panzerkampfwagen”, not spell out P-Z-K-P-F-W…


Well, are they really saying “PzKpfW”?? cause that means “Panzer-Kampf-Wagen” ?

uhm Zveroboy was faster didnt saw his post xD idk why

Ok, it was tongue-twister :smiley:. It thought: “they want it really?”, but now I know you meaned ^^.

The select Ger sound files.

I allowed me to hear them and its not: “What are your orders?” means in German = “Wie sind ihre Befehle (, Sir/Her Leutnant/General, Offizier)”
All in all i like the sounds but you don’t hear like a soldier at the front, more like someone who is in his garden and trains a theatric stuffs… ^^
It needs more kind of stress in your voice i think maybe… and much louder(Lauter) = Ja, her oberst!, Einheit bereit!, Panzer Kampf Wagen meldet sich zum Dienst!
Or maybe stuff like: Für das Vaterland! But that have nothing todo with selecting a Unit…^^ Lets see what Zveroboy thinks about it :smiley:

hmm yes you´re rigth.

I hope its better now ^^.
If you will make it deeper you can use a pitch effect, I think.

well, they are better but… …ähm okay:“What are your orders?” means in German: WIE sind/lauten ihre Befehle? füge noch sowas wie : “Wie sind/lauten ihre Befehle Herr General Oberst” hinzu.

Weil du hast gesagt zu “What are your orders?” = “Was sind ihre befehle?” Das sagt kein Soldat… und vllt nen bisle mehr naja schreien alla göbbels xxD aber nicht so wie er nur so nen bisle. Ich hab mal jetzt was aufgenommen die haben damals sehr schnell geredet ^^ Du kannst auch meines nehmen wenn du jetzt nicht unbedingt ne neu aufnahme machen möchtest.(Ich konnte jetzt net laut seien weil es spät ist xD)


hmm, this sound would be the best, but you must think about this is overdriven, or only old.
But I can try this speak.

yeah well but there is a difference between propaganda movies or lets say between reporters and soldiers.
But try it really like a soldier at the front because i just forgot to say if a soldier would speak like you in your last-last attachment in Germany at this time he has to clean up the bathroom, maybe… try it more stronger and those things but i think more like this reporter would be enough too ^^ But important is that in English the most words have multiple meanings and to “transform” sentences in English you need to place some words at another places but i didn’t noticed this mistake i just wanted to say it ^^ If you dont know things you can use Google - translator for this short sentences i think its good :smiley: Old German tradition : “secure is secure”
^^ well only in ship creating but… yeah what eva…

good luck!

I know Iknow :stuck_out_tongue:
but “What are our orders?” means “was sind unsere Befehle” :smiley:

I have thought about the voice and get the result I think.

The orders for Select are OK I think. The Commands are more or less realistic.

I made a new Sound for the Jagdpanzer (clear with no overdrive, because when you will work with it and there is a overdrive this is not good) and then a Version with gain and a bass filter (see it as a prieview.)

guy thats a grammatical mistake in this sentence “What are your orders?” is the “What” translated in German = “Was” right! But in combination with the rest of the sentence “…are your orders?” Is the “What” in German translated to “Wie”, “Wie lauten ihre Befehle?” would be the 100% correct translation “Wie sind ihre Befehle?” is correct to0. Thats why i said that some words have multiple meanings. [German] Dabei bezieht sich das “WIE” auf Befehle oder wenn du sagst “Wie lauten…” dan bezieht es sich auf “lauten” schlieslich sagen wir ja nicht “Was lauten ihre Befehle?” dabei ersetzt das “sind” das word lauten im grunde genommen.

I dont see a your :smiley: