German Sound Files

have joined this forum now, because i think this Game is a great game, like Company of Heroes or Panzers but free.
I´m from germany, 20 years old and would like to ask you if could help you.
I listened to sum German soundfiles and heard some dialekt in this.

My features are:
Music recording experience.
not much Blender experience.
gimp experience.
not much experience in PHP.

My operating system is Windows Vista64 and GNU/Linux Debian 5.

Say where I can help you.

Brilliant! We would absolutely love your help. The biggest thing for us would be replacing the current German voices in the game - they were made by a Canadian with no German speaking experience. If you’d like to try some voice acting, it would be hugely appreciated.

If you’re uncomfortable with voice acting, we don’t really have any use for music at the moment (yet!), but if you have experience with skinning 3d models (in gimp), we could always use help with map features and units.

And how I could start?
Should I create the voices only, because I dont have the tank sounds in the background?

Is the forum the only way to communicate?

You could try email (, and we all have MSN. You could also join #s44 on the spring server. I will also give you access to our development sections.

And yes, I’ve done all the sound mixing so far, including adding background noises for tanks and vehicles, so you’d only do the basic script.

In the meantime, could you provide a small sample set with a couple of replies? Like:

“Ja Generaloberst?”
“Panzerkampfwagen bereit”
“Wir stehen unter beschuss!” (slightly panicked-sounding)

you can upload the files (zipped) into a thread in the Development forum.

Ok i will do it.