German air is poor (preMv190)

i tried 2 surprise PPsh with an air attack, but germany didnt have the right planes 4 that (now).

I used wrong planes , sorry :blush:

well yeah using Air Supriorty fighter for ground attack isnt a good idea xD next time make more use of the Panzer III.

I was wondering USSR can build a Assault gun without upgrading the yard Germany must upgrade to have something equal (Panzer III) USSR was able to own JAL from beginning. He had enough inf, his Assaultgun and a sniper. More then enough.

It is hard to manage flag control with russians, particulary when there is lot of flags. I have to micromanage to get flags.
With other faction, you dont care, moving infantry is enough.

In fact, it is german which lack of something like the SU 76. US have the scott, britain has the daimler.
But association of marder and 250halftrack(with the 20mm autocannon) is close or even superior to SU 76. In that game JAL wasted his command for planes that is why he lost fast.

Daimler is only an armored car - fast, little armor 40mm gun with small explosive power and moderate armor-piercing round. Not much like Scott (slow, tank-level armor, 75mm gun with good explosive power but no armor-piercing)

I still think AEC should be given its 75mm and HE only

AEC with 6pdr is nice. 1st Tiger was killed by 6pdr !

First Tiger where? 1st Tiger got stuck in the swamp near Leningrad and was abandoned by its crew in late 1942 (Germans used 2 new tanks there to test them, but picked up the very wrong kind of terrain for that), no gun hits were necessary even…

I think some of the early Tiger Is deployed around Leningrad took 57mm hits as well, as did some of the first Tigers deployed in North Africa. The only running Tiger I left in existence was knocked out by a 57mm round from a Churchill Mk. III that hit the turret ring and jammed it, the external damage is still visible on the tank -