General TODO List

A thread to put new TODOs! Be they bugs to fix immediately or long term plans. Please add new TODO’s in a new post instead of editing this one.

  • Update buildpics for shermans with new model r3300
  • Gadget to implement custom command for LCG(M) behaviour r3301
  • Gadget to implement naval ‘buoy’ idea
  • Investigate adding LUPS again for improved flame FX
  • Start LUS-ing scripts, starting with tanks; modify ammo gadget accordingly (probably need to keep both new and old parts running together until Guns and Mortars are LUS-ed)
  • Replace dinghy/pontoon raft with side specific models
  • Minimum range? (that old chestnut)
  • Rescale all models to infantry scale
  • Get rid of upgrade gadget r3304

use more … rsions/new ) ?