GBR gameplay

Players: JAL vs zCram
Map: 1944_Titan
Game version: Test-2780
Engine version: 0.81.2
Awesome rating (out of 5): ****
Comments: GBR vs GER, i tried 2 fight germans with infantry supported by guns & air only. I bet PPsh will say that it shows that arty is OP, but my commandos gave me superior sight.

Only air and guns? Well, I suppose that is how you fight in an area without shored up roads and bridges.

I think it was this game that he pwned my armour with a wall of 17pdrs. sadface

Should of scouted and flanked, I’m rustie

do people feel like balance is settled enough for a long-standing release at the moment? I won’t be able to play/look at any games until mid-august, but I felt pretty good about balance before I left (generally).

It could have been released long ago, balance is nice so far ( i need more different players to say more) . The convehicle bug is damn anoying , it happens a lot.

yeah… fix that and I’m ok with a release… cause man… there’s so many new people that still use 1.07…