Game Start Problem - No HQ

I go to start a singleplayer game against C.R.A.I.G - the map loads, and the game starts. However, I have no units, no HQ and seemingly neither does the AI.
When I try playing with my friend online, I get a sync error, no HQ and so on, while he plays normally.

Could someone help me solve this issue? I’ve tried this on 1944 TItan and Bocage Skirmish.
(I’m running the latest stable version of Spring and S44, on Ubuntu Oneiric 64-bit)


Market Garden 1.53 should work with Spring engine 85.0
We have a test version that is quite stable aswell. and

You could try downloading thoose 2 and put them in your Spring “games” or “mods” folder.

I’ve tried the latest version you linked to, but still no effect. Thanks anyway. Any more ideas?

It’s fixed now - thanks for all help on #s44 IRC :slight_smile: