Game freezes at very beginning


I’ve just installed spring 1944.

I’ve selected the very first map and a bot to play with.
The game loads and I find myself in the middle of the map with no units.
Looking at the radar, I know I’m on the upper left, so I drag myself there but as soon as I reach that corner the whole game freezes.

Is that a spring 1944 specific problem or is it because I haven’t downloaded the latest srping engine from the spring website.

I’m running it on windows 7.

The version of the game I got is the one coming with the full installer on

It said it found updates but for some reasons it couldn’t connect. Would the update fix this bugs?


Get the latest Spring Engine then go in the S44 Channel and try out the test builds?

Should work then.


thanks for the quick reply.

The S44 channel being the chat room?
I’m not sure to understand.



I’ve downloaded the latest spring on and went in #s44 and found a

It downloaded and installed, no brainer.

But when I start a single player game, I get a quick black box and then nothing. I’m back in lobby.

I also get an error message when I start lobby, that says that there’s not enough user right to save the log. Could that be related?
I’m running windows 7.

strange did you start the lobby as admin?

You need RC 1 to play RC 105.