game end gadget issues

  1. it frequently crashes if you just exit from a test game
  2. a spec leaving the game caused a “game result was undecided” message that ended the game on an autohost

Also! according to godde the muon s3o optimize commit (rev 3705) resulted in MG tracers going backwards.

MMm, I’m aware of the gadget crash on exit issue, tried to bandaid and failed, need to look into it again. The spec thing sounds :frowning:

MG tracers thing was to be expected. As far as I understand it, vertex ordering on the flare piece changed and so did the tracer direction (it goes in the direction from the first vertex to the second AFAIK). Which is kind of bad.

Might require changes to the optimizer so that it somehow recognizes flare pieces and doesn’t mess with them. Or an entirely different way to specify emit-sfx direction that doesn’t depend on vertex ordering on an invisible object.

According to this, our models aren’t the only ones affected.

KingRaptor mentions that not ALL empty pieces were flipped though.