Game difficulty in single player

Hi all,

I’ve just discovered spring 1944, and found almost everything impressive (graphics, sound, gameplay, etc…).
However, how dawn, is the game “won-able” in single player mode ?
All my try finish with a defeat even if I set the difficulty to easy for the C.R.A.I.G bots. I’ve (almost) no time to do anything that AI comes with big tank and so on where I only have small infantry or very light vehicles.

Have I missed something or isn’t it playable ?


Even on easy, Craig is not that easy, especially for a new player. Guess we need to make a ‘Beginner’ setting. :smiley:

One tip Guillaume - try to use your rifle and SMG troops to capture flags, which will give you more resources. Since easy CRAIG takes a very long time to capture flags, this will give you a big resource boost and let you produce many more units than CRAIG does.

That said, a ‘beginner’ setting with tips would probably be a good idea.

Yeah, we really need some sort of tutorial–in fact I would say it’s even more critical than GUI. Default GUI might be ugly but at least it’s functional. Without tutorial it’s hard to learn how to do things.

I got too agree with this, i couldnt get anywhere with CRAIG so i decided to setup the game on my laptop so i could play against myself on LAN. Today i introduced a friend to this game, he completely forgot the time! Its a great game that really requires a set-out strategy when attacking and not a gazillion-tanks-attack-one target form seen in C&C.

I also felt betrayed when i put craig on medium and found out he was resource cheating ^_^,

Thanks for all these advices.
It’s better to know that I’m not the only one that have “problem” to win the game.
Howerver, since then I’ve won my first game, but it was really hard and took a lot of time.

Another question. Does the “save game” option really works ?
I can save one game, but didn’t found where to load it again ?

save game!? :astonished: Where? lol I’ve been looking for that for ages!

It should show up in the menu you get when you doubleclick spring.exe.

However save/load is still very unstable so I don’t recommend using it :slight_smile:

To answer to rsslcs, I find the “save game” when I press the “Esc” key during a game.
I have a menu with resign, quit, save and cancel button that appear.
But for the moment I’ve never seen any load button (I’m using springlobby to start a game, maybe it’s not the right way).

Overall, I’ve found the best “crash course” 1944 map is Road to Rome (so far, it’s the only 1944 map I don’t get my tail royally kicked on). If you can set up a NW vs. SE game against C.R.A.I.G. you can prevail by controlling the two crossroads at the center and NNE portions of the map (I also send engineers to mine the passes/roads at the NE and SW parts of the map to seal off my flanks). Get a MG nest and a HQ squad at each site, possibly backed up by one of the AA batteries you spawn with, and you should be able to keep the AI’s initial infantry probes bottled up. Reinforce those with more troops, including AT, MG, and mortar units, to buy time until you can set up towed guns and deployed supply stockpiles (somehow against a Soviet C.R.A.I.G. I find myself facing T-34s before I’ve even gotten my first towed gun yard online). On occaision the AI’s first vehicle/tank rushes have blown my guys off their positions and I’ve had to rush and place a new defensive line on the other side of the pass. After that the AI is fairly helpless; put up 2 or 3 antitank guns at each crossroads plus 2 or 3 howitzers and they’ll murder anything coming down the road. Now, a human opponent would call in air, flank me with infantry sneaking over the ridges, or just carpet-shell the area with artillery and then move a heavy force in, but at least you’ll have fun and learn the basics of the game without getting swept.

As I’m building up my defenses with more units (what a platoon of Tigers deployed in a defensive position screened by infantry will do to AI troops and armor is obscene) I also build up a large force of tanks, assault infantry, halftracks, and SP artillery in my rear area; this could either be a really nasty surprise if something did break through or a game-ending punch.

Your right there Tiger. the middle position is vital to keep in control. when i set up my defence just a notch to far back the enemy sneaked around the defensive position and attacked me from the south. Although im not sure if this was on easy or medium. Because CRAIG immediately started going for command flags.

I haven’t tried C.R.A.I.G. on medium or hard, although I suspect if you can hold the line until you get AT guns and howitzers up it shouldn’t make much of a difference unless the AI gets smarter in addition to resource cheats. By that point I usually control 9 flags to the AI’s 4 and unlike the AI have no limits on the number of barracks/yards I can put up - it’s not atypical for me to have 7-8 barracks, 2-3 gun yards, 1-2 vehicle yards, and 4-5 tank yards by late game (I like to have individual barracks/yards specialize in one product; i.e. I’ll have one tank yard cranking out Tigers and another cranking out PzKfw-IVs to hold the line while the other two turn out King Tigers and Panthers for my breakthrough force). At that point I can simply crank stuff out faster than C.R.A.I.G., and since I am porcing somewhat my forces are accumulating rather than getting shredded in piecemeal attacks. You can pull this off on Road To Rome; on Kiev or Bocage Skirmish the AI will advance on a broad front and quickly enough that you’re hard-pressed to defend enough flags. On Kiev I quickly get boxed into a corner before I can mount an effective defense.

The terrain on Road to Rome also allows certain units to shine - when playing as the Soviets I usually jump some commissars over the center road and put up a lot of partisan shacks in the mountains. At close quarters a lot of them can really chew up anything that tries sneaking over the ridges, and when I’m ready to make my attack a few hundred Molotov-tossing maniacs pouring out of the trees is an excellent diversion while my IS-2s, T-34/85s, ISU-152s, Katyushas, and infantry come rolling through the pass. I suspect you could also set up some dandy ambushes in there with any of the other factions - I usually sneak snipers and scouts through the mountains to make a mess.

Hello all,

I too have just discovered this game and am trying to learn it. I have to say it is quite impressive, but can be very confusing and hard to manage sometimes. Starting out is very difficult for me and I’ve been only playing single player games to get the hang of it (but without much progress I must say :frowning:)

Anyways, I was going through some of the options and I was curious about some of the customizable options for a game. I don’t know if this will help other newer players, but I found that everything was a bit too epic for me, and I had a hard time controlling massive amounts of units all over the place.

So I was thinking about limiting the max units to a smaller size and possibly even the command points. I’m not sure if this will help because I don’t know if the AI will be set to these limits as well. Could someone shed some light on this? Or perhaps suggest appropriate limits that would allow me to learn the game, just at a smaller, and maybe slower pace? I just can’t play a game very well right now where I have to control a thousand different units in half a dozen different areas. Thanks

Hi xbenx!

If you’re starting the game through springlobby singleplayer tab (hope so!), you can click on the “options” tab to access a lot of game related variables. These will let you scale down the amount of command you get from each flag, how often logistics arrive, and the starting command amount.

The AI (CRAIG) will respect all of these limits.

Also, hopefully I’ll have some tutorials out for public consumption in a week or two, which will introduce some of the more confusing aspects of the game in a playable tutorial setting.

That’s great to hear! Thanks for the quick reply Nemo! I think I’m gonna try a few games with really small amount of guys and resources just to get the hang of it more. I’ll work my way up from there. Also, is there a way to set number of flag on the map? Because I will only need a few flags on the map for a game of this size.