Future of Spring: 1944?

What would you like to see in S:1944’s future?

  • Partial Navies
  • Full Navies
  • More Factions
  • Multiplayer Campaigns
  • Singleplayer Missions
  • Less Suck

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What would you like to see in Spring: 1944 next?

Of course, for our next release which is due in a couple of weeks we will be handing over aircraft for your enjoyment. But after that, what do you think our work should focus on?

Disclaimer: This is in no way a decisive factor in our own decisions. What we do is still up to us. Just curious for some public input. :slight_smile:

Option 1: Partial Navies - Some better ships and watercraft than the little dingy and pontoon raft. Things like small river patrol boats, coastal craft, gunboats, etc, usually armed with light weaponry.

Option 2: Full Navy - In our grandiose plan we included much larger vessels, up to Destroyer in size (armed with batteries of 150mm+ guns). Cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers are just too much – they would be too large (the Enterprise would cover the entire width of an 8x8 map), but with five 150mm guns, batteries of flak and other armaments, I’m sure you’ll be just as pleased with the explosive death. This will take awhile, however – I’d have to texture all those enormous ships!

Option 3: More factions - We’ve drawn up preliminary unit lists and even have a few models for various minor factions such as Italy, Finland, and Japan. While we would be very hard-pressed to make these factions playable – Italy and Japan inparticular just had really dirt armed forces for the most part, with very little modern equipment – it might be fun to have Italian fascists and Japanese suicide troops running around.

Option 4: Multiplayer campaigns - Something like CA’s “PlanetWars”, a vast multiplayer campaign designed to split various players up into opposing teams (Axis and Allies) and have a weeks-long campaign where teams fight it out once a week.

Option 5: Singleplayer missions - We also have preliminary work done for single player missions – basically, like any other singleplayer mission in whatever RTS; unlike a skirmish-style “sandbox” battle you’d start with set forces and bases and be tasked with carrying out some objective along some vague storyline.

Option 6: Less suck - BAN

Ships currently IMO are not necessary, you could always add them at a later date. Commercial games (C&C 3, etc) normally don’t have naval units. What would be important (IMO) are missions. You promised them in ModDB, so get working.

Full navies as well as more factions, namely the Empire of Japan. Finland could also be relatively easy to add in. Japan would obviously require a navy to have any advantage over the other factions.

I vote single player missions–hopefully people can learn how to play before getting totally hammered online.

I vote for Full Navies.

I offer my help in texturing, as from what I’ve heard the S44 team needs textures. Here is some of the work I did for a WH40k mod for Mount & Blade;
img179.imageshack.us/img179/5510 … er3ha8.jpg
img219.imageshack.us/img219/8496 … dermb0.jpg

I’m also learning how Spring scripting works, ie; the various engine events\functions, so I can help with Lua coding (which I am somewhat proficient in).

I’d say at least basic ships should be in right after aircraft. That will instantly open many new maps to S’44 play (not much fun playing an islands map currently). Even more, the ships can be used to some extent w/o much texturing (look into screenshots thread, they look acceptable with placeholder textures). Basic ships are small things already mentioned plus transports (able to carry 4-6 tanks or ~50 inf across a large body of water with some speed and some degree of protection).
As for minor factions: what we’d need would be new infantry models. Finland for example has most of its needed vehicles already modeled (they’d need a retexture to Finnish camo), but inf are lacking completely.


Perhaps you misunderstand the nature of this endeavor. Maybe you had some kind of notion that we owed you something. I don’t know. However, we will do whatever we like on our own sweet time, thanks very much.

I’m pushing for Finland.

We need to balance aircraft with land assets before entering into another balance phase with the navy. Italy is also a viable choice, but without a navy I can’t support adding Japan at this stage.

Single player is also attractive. Multiplayer campaigns are fluff on the top, however, they can wait.

I voted SP missions cause I think it’s really something a game can use to differentiate from other Spring mods/games atm, plus it’s technically challenging :stuck_out_tongue:

And besides that, it’s very useful for new players :slight_smile:

As long as we get a campaign front-end and we’re willing to do a storyline… I’m of course in. :smiley:

I voted Single Player since that is really how I test myself. Its a good way to get to learn the game, plus sometimes the internet goes out or something happens where i dont have internet, and so I cant pay 1944. Im sure someone else experiences something lie this everyonce in a while. After SP id say navies and Finland faction.

Edit: by the way for the SP missions, you could include import campaigns such as operation market garden, Bastogne, Invasion of Normandy, Iwo Jima (although that would require Japan).

With a large (massive32x32 or 64 if thats doable) map, I think that a full navy would be amazing. It would just expand on whats here already. I’m also for SP missions.

Even a 64x64 will be too small for ships larger than a destroyer. Try the ship test branch to see that - even one destroyer can turn enemy base into barren ‘moonland’ in a couple of minutes. And what the ships do to planes is, well, terrifying (which should not happen btw, need to have another look at the AA weapons).

What if you made the AA really inaccurate, so that when it gets fired, you only know that a shell will explode “over there”, and maybe, hit a plane, which might just get damaged. I’m talking about heavy AA (flak cannons^^) which I think, was used on destroyers, but I am quite confident that I am wrong :smiley: , so with machine guns, I don’t know…, maybe you could include human error into accuracy, or reduce the rounds per minute fired, but make an animation that simulates higher firing rates?

And…err wheres the ship test branch??

I’m the only one who voted multiplayer campaign :frowning:

I want a multiplayer campaign too. And since I’m likely the one who will end up doing it, its probably higher on the “likely to actually happen” list than this poll would indicate. Probably in conjunction with navies.

I would actually enjoy japanese banzai charges and ka-go light tanks
also italians tankettes wouldnt be a bad idea. who cares if they are dirt armies, it would make spring1944 more of a challenge then it already is.
My brother and I talked over which would be fun and he says full navies would be cool.
single player missions would be great
especially if in the test mode or actual single player mode you could change countries so you were noy always german :smiley:
however for full navies why not limit the size to escort vessels and patrol craft[maybe a few floatplanes in there too :smiley: ]

I like this sentence, xD

What about a S44 Video Tutorial, made in a Replay file of spring or a normal video tutorial? ^^

Yeah! I voted for “additional factions” :slight_smile:. Let’s make a Pearl Harbor map! Tora! Tora! Tora!

Just realized that I created a suggestion thread for adding the Japanese while this thread already were there. My apologizes for littering the forum with an unneeded thread :frowning:.

We don’t stand on ceremony. Well, not much. :stuck_out_tongue: