Further 1.52 Progress!

Don’t mind the dust, we’re hard at work down here! Testing continues as the release grows ever closer, key testers getting in games daily and passing feedback along to the development team.

Our current development efforts are split between several tasks. FLOZi is focused on resolving lingering bugs and tightening performance. Nemo continues to polish the multiplayer balance with the support of our dependable player base. Neddie is making small improvements to visual elements while preparing for the advertising phase which will follow release. Yuritch has been producing various models for use as map features and in missions.

Of course, development won’t cease once the release hits. We already have a rough outline of our immediate plans post-release - and let us say, you’ll probably enjoy the outcome. Until then, keep a firm grip on your carbines and continue to use the halftrack as cover!

Hehe. Also, comment test. :wink:

Weee! Keep it up!