Front-end application?

Okay. I told yuritch in the lobby and he responded with a “…maybe…”. Now then here I’m suggesting a front-end application for Spring:1944 (like in P.U.R.E.). This could be done using zwszg’s AppLauncher. Adopting the use of the AppLauncher will make Spring:1944 look more “professional” and maybe “modern”. I also suggest the use of a installer, if that idea is not already expressed, to make installation of Spring:1944 easy to newcomers as I think that when you guys release this game on ModDB people will certainly flock to this and without a doubt, questions will arise.

I’m just telling you people my ideas. What do you think?

Thing is, there’s no support whatsoever for S44 single-player. None of the existing AIs are capable in any way of playing the game and there’s no campaigns, missions, or anything like that. An application would lead to an empty shell.

And an installer seems like a somewhat useful idea, although if saving a single file to a particular directly is too complicated for people… maybe they shouldn’t be playing our game? :wink: Although if there are more features – a load of specially S44-made maps, a front-end app, etc, an installer would be much more useful.

Spring is moving towards a base installer with just springcontent.sdz and the binaries, so having our own installer is a good idea anyway.