Forum Visual Improvements

Here are some images to replace the Online/Offline and Title elements of the user panel.

I’ll make some other things to customize the theme later.

looks great

Applied with the exception of the online/offline buttons because I don’t know how.

This is what happens when I’m at work and waiting for a map to compute.

I had to shrink them a bit Neddie, but I think they still look spiffy.

FWIW, I don’t really feel we need the ‘lead dev’ group.

Yes, yes, but we have it and now it even has another colour!

I’m not fussed either way. I wanted to put as much of Neddie’s work to use as possible, but if people feel like its overly hierarchical, I suppose I can handle setting aside my royal symbols <_<

Not to be mistaken for an egalitarian revolution.

I replaced the online/offline images

I still see the ugly classic ones. I’ll clear my cookies and check again later.