For Nemo

Had an idea after you left for a third faction, “Nationalists”.

I am of course looking at the basic three factors of warfare by classifying belligerents into three catagories:

“Superpower” – Is self-relient in every aspect but very vulnerable to popular support (or rather lack-thereof); it must tread carefully as it easily “upsets” civilians. Huge income/military power.

“Nationalist Government” – Much less income/military power than a Superpower but also does not “offend” the general population nearly as much, ie it takes a lot more for a Nationalist Government to upset its own population than it would a foreign power. Different forms of income (Superpowers get all their income “from home” whereas Nationalist Governments have to invest in building theirs), also some Guerilla/Insurgent-like capabilities.

“Guerillas/Insurgents” – The underdog, as we talked about.

This would allow for multiple types of “war”

Superpower vs Superpower – lol standard war? booooring
Superpower vs Nationalist Government – a la invasion of Iraq, Vietnam War (US vs North Vietnam), Israel vs Palestine, Russia vs Georgia, etc – a Superpower doesn’t like how things are going and so invades

Nationalist Government vs Nationalist Government – a Civil War in the traditional sense, a la North Vietnam vs South Vietnam, or war between two “lesser” countries a la Iraq vs Iran, India vs Pakistan, Georgia vs South Ossetia.

Nationalist Government vs Guerillas/Insurgents – Insurgents would do better militarily against a Nationalist opponent than a Superpower but also finds it harder to use politics as a tool to sabotage popular support for their enemies, forcing them to change tactics.

Guerillas/Insurgents vs Guerillas/Insurgents – Two rival factions fighting for control in a really interesting-sounding way.

Nationalists would be kind of a cross between a Foreign Power and an Insurgency, having aspects of strength both militarily/financially but also politically, but not excelling in either (at least not as much as the others in their respective fields), forcing a Nationalist player to pay greater attention to the balance to win.

Multiplayer games would be mindblowing. Superpower vs Nationalist Government vs Insurgency FFA? Would be insane!

Now, what is all this, then?