Flying inf (from impulse)

Played a 3 player ffa of 0.92 yesterday, and noticed something strange.
I played as USSR, and managed to ambush a US truck full of inf with a squad of my SMG. The truck exploded, but the inf icon stayed there. There was no enemy units in sight (I zoomed in and checked), but the icon was there and my inf were firing at it (without doing any damage obviously) for quite some time (after which the icon disappeared, I’m not sure how exactly). I suppose the target unit was sent flying by the truck death explosion and was flying straight vertically (up and then down) for no less than 20 seconds… Which doesn’t seem right.
In the same game, a US howitzer hit a group of my inf and something exploded (probably either a deployed MG or a deployed ZiS-3 gun, but maybe it was a supply pile from a deployed truck), after which some soldiers were sent flying across the map (one of them passed right above one of the enemy bases, revealing it in the process).
IMO an explosion powerful enough to throw people over great distances should kill them BEFORE they are in the air.

I think that truck was mine (it was on right bottom corner of map right?), I noticed these guys you were shooting at after a while (probably these 20 seconds) and gave them an order. At that moment they jumped to a different position and immediately got killed by your SMG squad.

Would it be possible the inf was underground? (because units are underground when being transported if I recall correctly.)

Yes, it was in bottom right corner, near 2 flags. It’s very possible your inf was underground, maybe a replay can reveal that. There surely was no US inf ON the ground in that spot, but there was an icon and my SMG were firing at it, and then it somehow disappeared (I wasn’t looking there at that moment, so not sure if it was killed ot what).

I’m pretty sure they disappeared right after I gave them a move order: they somehow jumped back to ground level and got killed immediately. Suppose replay can reveal that too tho.

This has been happening on occasion for some time. I just assumed it was an engine quirk, since even with little or no impulse something objects in various content packages take flight.