Flag capture status bug steps (for flozi)

First thing: flozi is awesome! wooo flozi! Lua’d flags are almost ready, and flozi has done 100% of the leg (and/or code) work involved.

so, the steps for a bug production that you requested:

Rev 547

.give 10 gbrrifle team 0, have them capture a flag. .give 10 gbrrifle team 1, stick them in the flag radius. a small team 1 colored capture progress circle appears in the center.

note 1: the number of team 1 riflemen in the radius does not affect the size of the progress rate of the team 1 progress circle (it is static)

remove any number of team 0 riflemen from the circle.

note 2: the size of the team 1 colored progress circle grows smaller as the number of team 0 riflemen grows smaller

note 3: regardless of how many team 0 riflemen are in the circle, the team 1 colored progress circle does not start growing

only when -all- team 0 riflemen leave the circle does the team 1 progress circle start to grow

note 4: even when all team 1 riflemen have left the circle, a small team 1 colored progress circle remains

so, those are what I found from a first run through. its a great way to present the information, I can’t wait to start playing with these (maybe reduce some of journ’s massive handspeed advantage over me… <_<)

Thank jesus this is finally being implimented. Flozi, remind me to give you a BJ on MSN next time I see you.

Or you can just do some hardcore testing of this, plenty of bugs to be found. :stuck_out_tongue:

Defend code seems to be broken.

ten team 1 riflemen vs one team 0 riflemen in a team 1 flag radius results in a team 0 capture progress. this progress rate is unaffected by the number of team 1 riflemen present. My rather uneducated hypothesis is that defenders aren’t being counted somehow.

Anyways, that’s the last of the ‘showstopper’ problems, I think. Once this is worked out, I do believe that it is time for another build :smiley:

Dude I do that shit 8 hours a day in a shitty cramped little office room, no way in hell I’m going to spend my free time testing more shit! :stuck_out_tongue:

Then spend it skinning shit!

For flozi: allies, flags showing proper nation.

Otherwise its ready to go!

Ok, these should both be fixed.

Should allies be able to defend each others flags?

After testing with nemo, both are fixed, and the lua flags are now 100% playable (including defending your allies’ flags). :sunglasses:

current TODO list:

  • Fix the dontcount gadget for flags (can’t use the current one as it explodes all the neutral flags at the start of the game) FIXED by Nemo - now don’t count units are given to gaia instead of dieing. Watch out for those old minefields!
  • Fix the model so that all flags always display at the top of the mast FIXED by floz
  • Fix increasing returns to work on time in possesion (rather than time alive, as flags can never be killed now) FIXED by floz
  • New neutral icon for flags (currently use the british one) switched to circularthingy.tga as a temporary measure
  • Fix the line stipple for flag radii not interfering with selection circles FIXED by floz

damnit flozi, you’re making us all look bad with your productivity.

awesome work.