[FIXED] Problem Installing in Linux Mint 14

I recently attempted to install spring1944 accoring to the instructions at the following url:
Unfortunately, the spring1944 package seems to depend on the spring1944-maps package, which isn’t installable:

The following packages have unmet dependencies: spring1944 : Depends: spring1944-maps but it is not installable E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.
Is there a way to install the spring1944-maps package from the repository?

Same for me on Ubuntu 12.10…


Is there a command to ignore dependencies in your package manager? (I’m not familiar with Mint). If there is, you can safely do so - maps can be downloaded separately from springfiles.

Mint is based on Ubuntu, so it uses apt and synaptic. I tried the following commands with no success (they gave the same error message as before):

sudo apt-get install spring1944 -f sudo apt-get install spring1944 --ignore-missing
I also stried Synaptic, which marked spring1944 as broken, and when I tried fixing broken packages I got the following message:

Surely there must be a way to remove spring1944-maps from the dependencies or make the package available from the PPA.

Hi folks,

sorry, I’m sure this is frustrating - I’ll ping Koshi (guy who owns the package repo). In the meantime, you can get spring from:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:spring
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install spring

and then download S44/the maps manually, stick them in $HOME/.spring/games and $HOME/.spring/maps respectively (this is how I’m set up, Ubuntu 12.04).

springfiles.com/spring/games/spring-1944 for the game archive
spring1944.net/?page_id=309 for the maps

azaghal, are you running a version of Mint that’s based on ubuntu 12.10? Koshi and I both have 12.04 and successfully installed the package per the install page’s instructions. If we can narrow it to an issue related to 12.10, that’ll be helpful.

Mint 14 is indeed based off of Ubuntu 12.10.

Thanks for your responsiveness, and hopefully this helps narrow down the issue.

Turns I’m an idiot cause I’ve published the maps package to everything from Maverick to Raring but skipped Quantal.
I did that now, spring1944 package should install w/o problem after apt-get udpate.

That did the trick! Just successfully installed and booted up a game to test, and things appear to be working.

Thanks so much for resolving the issue!