First commented video feedback

I just watched that commented video as per Nemo’s request (Eye of Horus, Nemo vs Pintle).

It was OK for a first attempt; the tone of voice, pronunciation and speed of speech were adequate and the narration was intelligible.

The one issue I have with the video is the order in which topics pop up. Since the narration is done based on an actual battle, topics don’t emerge in the easiest to follow order. I’m assuming this will eventually lead to a video tutorial for those new to S44. My suggestion is to make short videos covering each of the main aspects of S44 (scouting, resources, suppression, etc) under “controlled” circumstances (i.e., not while fighting for real). A commented video of a real battle could be made afterward to showcase typical gameplay to further enlighten the new player.

Finally, the best part of the video, by far, was the phone ringing near the end, epic. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks tot. figuring out exactly who I was speaking to was certainly a challenge - a series of tutorial vids would probably be the best approach, for sure. the other benefit of those is that they’ll fit nicely on youtube (10 minute limit)

I just watched both the videos, the one between Nemo and pintle and the JAL vs dorne one. Nice vids in general :slight_smile:

Some random comments:

  • Compression quality of in particular the second one was really, really bad (as I think you said already in the channel). Lots of times areas just turned green/blue for a sec.
  • Enable the S44 tooltip widget if you use it to show something about logistics. Pretty sure I noticed metal and energy instead of command and logistics in the vid :slight_smile:
  • Lots of times the F4 metal view was used. Just so that map drawings were better visible?
  • For the rest it was good, as Totbuae already mentioned the tone/pronunciation/speed/sound quality was good, was easy to hear what you were saying even at a low volume.