First AAR

After much anticipation and hype, I got to play Spring 1944 with my buddy. First game I kinda got the gist, second game was really good, here are some stuff that seemed to be rattling around in my mind;

Summary; Squads get held up when creating

Description Make a basic infantry squad, however two or three of them have trouble getting out the door and get stuck, not allowing the production of the next unit and fragmenting a squad

Steps to reproduce -start game- make squads-
Suggested fix Make the spawn door bigger or don’t have them all spawn at one, but a few seconds behind each other?

Summary- Deployment= Death

Description- When you have a truck with units in it, and you accidentally hit deploy, everyone inside dies. (More then once I’ve somehow managed to hit the deploy button by accident, and killed three truck worth of Infantry, Flakes has done this as well.

Steps to reproduce
-make a truck-fill it- deploy and slaughter them all.-

Suggested fix -Any chance you could just make them dismount, not all die?

I enjoy the few logisitc feature in the game I think that’s very cool, and realistic. The suppression system is also awesome.
I don’t like the “deploy mode” on the 105’s and AT guns. With the 105’s I always have trouble aligning them up just right so they are facing the right direction so they can shoot.

Loosened up the yardmaps for barracks and HQs, inf shouldn’t get stuck as often now.

Still working on the solution for the truck-crushing business.

Make the truck drop all the cargo at its base position if Deploy is used. Units may get stuck in the supply dump after that, but at least they won’t disappear.

Truck squishing is fixed for now. Bit of a hacky solution, but eh. They unload 1 by 1, and being unable to affect the rate in a great way I just had the truck take longer to unload.

As for last point, somebody somewhere is working on giving undeployed guns visible firearc indicators so you can more easily aim your shit before deploying.

FLOZi, but I think I shall take it over.