firm tree

I suppose I should make an actual post about this, although I think I’ve already told nearly everyone who reads this forum.

Basically, I’m making a test build to explore the ramifications and benefits of a “firm” buildtree, where after you pass the light veh level you focus solely on the specialty you chose before the game.

Here’s how I envision it working (more or less).

Most of the early/mid game remains exactly the same - all sides have infantry and light vehicles (which now include light tanks for the various nations, and will include light AA vehicles). The difference comes with once you have built your first ‘specialization’ factory - that is, as an arty player your first gunyard. This is where the limitation is felt somewhat. Rather than being able to then build a tankyard and a SP yard as well, you can build further gunyards.

However, once your first gunyard exists, you can “requisition” units that you determine you have a strong need for. This “requisition” functionality will be similar to CA’s deployment gadget, and perhaps require a special building to be placed from the veh con. This requisition allows you to buy units that you don’t have a factory for - at a higher cost than it would be to simply build it. That is, if a Tiger II costs 12000 metal to build normally, it may be 20000 to requisition (or something). Once you requisition units, they appear with the next logistics refill at the edge of the map nearest your base, and you have them until they die. However, when they die, you must requisition more of them if you need more of those units - you do not get factories for alternate unit types.

The exception to the cost rule will be aircraft, since we have no mechanism for them to refuel - they will enter the map and hang around for as long as their fuel lasts, and then depart. Given this limitation, aircraft requisition will be rather cheaper than other requisitioned units, perhaps even significantly cheaper than building the unit itself (this depends on several factors like length of fuel, power and counterability of aircraft).

The goals of this change go like this:

Put an emphasis on unit usage over unit choice.

Until now, a lot of the game boiled down to basically building enough of the right unit at the generally time, giving it a fight command in the general direction of the enemy, and then waiting. I’d like to limit that by narrowing the selection of units such that the player needs to use them more carefully and originally, perhaps outside of the perfectly intended role (an example would be an arty player towing guns to an enemy flank and setting up a pincer of sorts with artillery).

Create teamplay (or the illusion thereof) in team games

One of the interesting things that has struck me about DSD and supreme battlefield players is how much they seem to genuinely like the idea that their teamwork led to victory. Well, when each player takes a different branch, that feeling of teamwork is almost automatic, assuming each player uses the units even halfway similar to their purpose.

Create replay incentive
This one is a bit hairy - while the multitude of sides provides a bunch of different ways to play (even within a single side), it is fair to say that the open setup provides the same opportunity; one could voluntarily limit oneself to a set of units to make the game more interesting. However, I posit that such limitation is unlikely, since it amounts to a voluntary handicap.

as a sidenote to the last one - all those players who just player single player games and examine the different sides will have to spend a lot more time playing now, maybe even enough time for someone to guess the password of their locked game and play with them :wink:

Anyways, there it is in a slightly more formal write up. I’ve already implemented the US in a test build - I just need to get something approximating the requisition system working and we can start playing test games with it.

Ok, completed a test build for GBR, RUS, US. Air players are probably rather hard to stop at the moment since fuel isn’t implemented, nor are AA guns properly. I’ll probably do that now.

checks out just like the main build, you must have S44LiteRelease.sdd in the mods folder in order for this to work.

Requisition functionality is still placeholder - right now the vehicle engineer can build a 'requisition factory" which builds units from other techs at high cost (it drains an extra -40 metal per tick while active).

I’ll try to get air working decently in the near future and then we can play some test games. until air works though, feel free to play SP/armor/arty batallions vs each other, and let me know what you think (or if it accomplishes any of the goals I’m aiming for)