Firing arcs on deployed units missing the rounded side

Deployable weapons (heavy/medium machineguns, AT guns, etc) display a triangle with a rounded side when selected to aid in their placement. The rounded side (which denotes max range) is no longer displayed after they are deployed, just the two straight sides. It would be better if the rounded side were to remain displayed after the unit was deployed, imho.

I was using the Russians on rev 936 when I noticed this (on the Maxim HMG and the AT gun, specifically).

This is intentional ATM. The problem is that the engine range ring follows terrain and has some other subtle details, which means any ring drawn next to the ring the engine (when you are giving an attack order, press Shift, etc.) draws looks weird unless I duplicate the engine ring exactly, down to the number of degrees per section, etc.

No biggie then; it’s just a cosmetic change, after all. Ignore or postpone as convenient.