finally a 3vs2 without air pwnage or base snipe(preMv250)

Silverfox23&emperor77&epiccanadian vs Beton&JAL.
Almost even , panthers did a good job in the mid game but got pwned by IS-2 , lots of tank battles and rocket batterys.
I think compared 2 power of T34-85/SU-100/ISU-152/IS-2 , panther/jagdpanther/kingtiger cost 2 much. Panther was mass produced ,shouldnt be that expensive, i would c it around 5500 command.
Why does jagdpanther cost more than 9k , it doesnt even have a turret.

Hi guys.

Nice thing you built here. I just can not find your preMv250 mod. Even not here: … -M%20(v250&select=select_all

Somebody help please!


Pre-M builds are testing versions of the game, primarily available in lobby.

The Panthers combination of high firepower, high mobility and thick front armor is unmatched among all units in Spring 1944 though capitalising on that is very hard.
If you want to flank, blitz or run by your enemy, you risk running into to enemy AT-infantry and expose your tanks side armor to enemy guns which means that you need to have good intel on the enemy to be able to increase your chance of success. Its a high risk, low gain situation.
Panthers are better used behind an infantry screen sniping enemy tanks that comes into LoS or using scout planes to see the enemy tanks. But you can get 2 Jadgpanzers for the price of 1 panther and a Jadgpanzer kills tanks just as easy as a Panther.
Also the Tiger do more damage, have higher range, better side armor, higher splash range and doesn’t not need a tank yard upgrade which leaves me free to upgrade to Tiger 2 which are the ultimate tank killers.
That is the reason I don’t build Panthers.

The 75mm of the Panther was better against Tanks if the Panther use “Panzergranate 40”. It had a much better penetration. I am not sure if its in game. I also dont know if the 88mm and 75mm had the same range. (depending on the barrel?) cuz the Tiger looks like to have a bigger range in game.

The Tiger I should be replaced by the Panther. While the Tiger I should go to the Tank yard upgrade or can stay.

I think the fact that Tiger I is available earlier in game might have something to do with it being an older design that had been in use since 1942 whereas Panther was from 1943 i think.

yeah but we are in 1944 ^^

The Panther has superior speed and armor penetration ingame. The biggest advantage of the Panther is its speed but since mobility isn’t that important in tank battles when both players have an infantry screen and rushing into enemy territory without having very superior intel Panthers are not that useful in most situations.

While you were breaking trough at the north your tanks in the mittle got hit in the sides by T34-85. Your units just stood there and died. I think you lost about 30000-40000 worth of command in the mittle because of that.
Your Jadgpanther killed alot more than its cost. I don’t think that germany should have both the best Tank Destroyer for cost(Jagdpanzer) and the heaviest TD(Jagdpanther)for a cheap price.
The Tiger 1 is a little light against an IS-2 but a Kingtiger will kill an IS-2 easily while a IS-2 can hardly damage the Kingtiger 2 from max range from max range. You will need more than 3 IS-2 to 2 Kingtiger if you want to kill them at max range.

Why does the SU-85 cost as much as the Jagdpanzer when the Jadpanzer is so much better(armor and armor penetration)?
Personally I think that T-34-85 and Panthers have gotten the short end of the stick in the recently price reduction to Tankdestroyers(Achilles, Wolverine) and advanced tanks(Firefly, 76Sherman) and that T-34-85 and panthers doesnt do anything better than IS-152, IS-2, Jagdpanzer, Tiger 1 and Kingtiger.
That is why I don’t make T-34-85 or Panthers in multiplayer games.

Generally (although this is theoretical since I haven’t gone up against a live opponent) I keep a big force of Panthers in reserve for the endgame assault, as they’re cheaper and faster than the Tigers, pack a similar antiarmor punch to the Tiger I, and have better frontal armor protection than the Tiger I. Find a seam in the flank, put up a Storch to check what’s in the way, and let ‘em rip. Unless you made a big mistake and drove them right into a minefield or a veritable rats’ nest of AT infantry, it’s very hard to stop forty-odd Panthers on the loose - might kill a fair chunk of them, but it’ll be quite the rampage.

I usually don’t screen Panthers with infantry for the simple reason that they outrun the grunts, and part of the whole point of using Panthers as opposed to Tigers is to get some speed out of the attack. It’s a tradeoff - go for the hammerblow surprise of having two Panther companies zip through the lines with the caveat that you may lose some to infantry, or slow down your attack and risk your opponent bringing armor and AT guns to bear. I’ll hit with the Panthers, do a lot of damage, and by the time reinforcements start running to the sound of the guns I’ll already have King Tigers, infantry, halftracks, and artillery rolling in to finish the job. If I’m facing a Soviet opponent that’s bringing up IS-2s and ISU-152s, at that point I’ll recall the Panthers either to regroup or wreak havoc somewhere else now that the heavy enemy armor is being merrily greeted by 105 HE shells and AP 88 rounds.