File Dump

For Overkill

daimler model

daimler as obj


PSD’s of the logos

the other logo

New GBRAEC model for nedie to play with texxing

for installer

For installer

Jumbo and jagdpanther OBJ

Jagdpanther s3o (I hope I haven’t borked it too much :slight_smile: ). I don’t have the texture file there to see how it looks.
Upd: Jumbo s3o is also there.

PNG tex for FLOZi.

dds for yuri

Mapped Fiat 626 for Neddie.
Upd: AS-37 Italian APC, mapped as well.

One more mapped Italian veh: AB-41 armored car. Both sides of turret are mapped separately so that tactical symbols or numbers can be painted there and will not be mirrored.

Updated AS-37 with a machinegun. Rest of the uvmap is unchanged, so if some work was done on the tex already, nothing is lost. If nothing is done yet, then please use the model from this post instead.
Upd: M15/42 light tank model.

From my own attempt to texture M15/42 I conclude my uvmap is fail. I’ll try to redo than one.

I think the UV on the Fiat needs work but I’ll talk to you about it when I’m able to be on lobby.

UVmapped V-1 model.

First try with UV mapping, :wink:

AMD Panhard 178