I’d just like you to know that your posts tonight achieved nothing but creating a half hour of work for me slogging through the damnable PHPBB interface. What exactly did I do to merit you forcing this upon me? Did you believe you were making a positive difference by acting exactly like the people you loathe?

May I ask of what do you speak of? This PhPBB forum is much much better than the previous one. It is outmost impossible to waste half an hour getting the hang of the new. Tolerate it!

I am referring to Felix’s behaviour on the main Spring forum. The moderator interface is highly tedious when it comes to dealing with multiple threads.

I think I missed something. So Felix did bad things on the main Spring board and you had to clean them up? Must have been pretty fast cleaning as I had not seen them… Anyway, he seems to regret that himself and asks to unban him.

Yeah, he definately regrets it. Can you unban him so that he doesn’t turn his prepubescent forum-banning rage upon us? :wink:

What did he do, anyway? Gay porn? It was gay porn, wasn’t it.

I definitely won’t be unbanning him for a few days at least…I just made this thread because I’m quite seriously confused as to why he did it :\

Pics or gtfo!!!

Lol, I didn’t even see this until now.

Anyways, this forum is not my personal inbox.