[Feedback Poll] What Sort Of Terrain Do You Desire?

What Sort Of Terrain Do You Desire?

  • Scandinavian/Baltic - Northern European - Cold
  • Russian/Slavic - Eastern European - Cold
  • Germanic/Polish - Central European - Cold/Temperate
  • French/Belgian - Western European - Temperate
  • Spanish/Italian - Southern European - Temperate/Warm
  • Grecian/Turkish - South-Eastern European - Warm
  • Sudanese/Algerian - Northern African - Warm
  • Various Coastal - Various - Various
  • Various Island - Various - Various

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Assume, hypothetically, that we can deliver some more in house maps or get a third party to release a series of maps. What kind of maps, in terms terrain/theme do you desire? Select the option which most closely approximates your desires, then comment and elaborate if necessary.

I like it , if going water is an option, so coastal map.

Any particular sort of coast?

i like maps where you can concentrate on one front and one side so that you dont get hurt from behind or sth.

so closed bases etc…

mostly i like desert maps together with coastal lines or sth.
i took africa…

I must say that thus far the results surprise me, I was under the impression that I was the only person who was interested both in the frigid North and in the African coast.

I wish to play on a giant naval map with 3 or 4 small-medium carribean islands (with some relief and some places to put howitzers).

It would be a good place to use heavy navies, and recreate the condition of the german/british cruiser battles like the Battle of the River Plate.

I’m interested in maps with different typemaps, eg speed bonuses.
You can give speedbonuses to tanks, infantry(kbots), hovers, and ships on specific places on the map.
Only tanks and infantry would really matter.
My suggestion would be to give tanks/vehicles a speed reduce outside of road depending on terrain. Giving infantry a speed reduction or boost seems unneccesary for gameplay.
Vehicles and most tanks can outrun infantry with ease with their ordinary speed and it would fun if infantry could use more than just hilly terrain to their advantage against vehicles and tanks.

How can different terrain types affect ground units?
Can it make units have a worse terrain tolerance, eg climbing?
Can it reduce acceleration without reducing topspeed(ice for example)?

We are more likely to use typemaps when we can define types so we can differentiate, say, wheeled from tracked vehicles, and full tracks from half tracks.

I believe the current implementation can impact passability, velocity and acceleration/deceleration.