Feature Freeze?

Are we at a point, or will we be at a point soon, where we can put a feature freeze on S44, if only temporarily? If we’re at a point where we’re relatively complete as far as gameplay dynamics, I can start coding an AI.

I’d say in a month or two we’ll be at a fairly feature complete point in terms of gameplay.

Also, in coding an AI, I’d say that the amount of effort required to make an AI play decently on the same footing as a human (ie, a standard 1v1 setting where you start with a commander and that’s it) is fairly inefficient. I think it would make more sense in terms of cost/payoff to create an AI that’ll let our missions provide an interesting challenge - so essentially focusing on scriptibility and unit handling skills, since in that setting the AI doesn’t need to worry about building units/flags/expansion.

I disagree, I think a skirmish AI is extremely important, perhaps moreso than missions. For a lot of people diving into multiplayer with another person playing a new game is a bit daunting. Skirmishes atleast allow people to get experience and learn the game without the added “stress”, which is something a mission can’t provide (since a situation found in any particular mission will likely not be found during a multiplayer game).

IMO skirmish-type AI should be able to handle prebuilt bases (missions). For missions that don’t involve bases (ie no unit building) lua scripts should be enough, without an AI in dll form.

A skirmish AI also provides the ability to conduct large-scale tests more often and hopefully discover the sources of some of the bugs.

Unfortunately skirmish AIs themselves are rarely stable enough to conduct stability testing with.

That said, good luck.

We’ve just lacked a stable S44-focused AI. Hopefully we can make one that DOESN"T crash shit.

This is one of the major problems I have had with trying to test the SVN spring, no working AI’s and inability to play against other people makes it very difficult to test the dynamics of battle etc. a working AI would be a great help and would definitely allow for an increase in feedback very quickly.